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    36 Hours in Houston to kill

    Am I invisible ? :P I thought it was a pretty poor showing considering the heritage of the place - and much more so if you have ever been to Kennedy! Mark
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    FREE SatNav for Nokia phones -forever!

    They boot and reboot as part of the upgrade process and it is normally non destructive. However if it keeps doing it then a hard reset may get her out of trouble. I have seen S/W upgrades take over 45 mins on some Nokias so always attempt this with a full battery and after a backup :p
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    36 Hours in Houston to kill

    Note to self - you are getting old! (or stop taking Wife on trips abroad..................)
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    36 Hours in Houston to kill

    Houston Museum of Natural Science - and depends on when you are going across the Park is the Miller Outdoor Theatre (lots of free performances), but as it doesn't really kick off till the spring you may be too early Just the Museum and the Theatre will take a whole day but the Space Centre...
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    Windows XP installation repair

    If you use Hirens (very good) make sure you anti virus scan the downloaded iso. I have seen a lot of infected copies of Hirens. You could also create a bootable USB linux stick just to extect the files before attempting any rescue if you are not too afraid :) My first choice would be to...
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    THIS IS RIDICULOUS.. (Burglar attacker's appeal fails )

    Yeah - he got 4 years for manslaughter, despite a massive history of criminal activity :( Tony Virasami and Antonette Richardson jailed for Sainsburys supermarket queue death (From Your Local Guardian) Given that the offence was June 2008, if we were arrested after the event he would be...
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    B&W can work well under certain circumstances - but your pics are normally so full of colour I was surprised to see you even trying it :) Some B&W conversions can be massively improved using Photoshops channel mixer, as opposed to just desaturating - give it a go
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    SatNav on a smartphone

    I use Tomtom6 mobile on my N95 awith the built in receiver and the default Nokia app on my N97 Tomtom is a lot better but I am waiting for a new version for the N97 - until then I carry 2 phones which is no great hassle as I use 1 voda and 1 O2 sim but I used to have it all in one phone!
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    Crash ! :(

    One long and 2 short beeps is normally a video error - if the Video is built in then it doesn't look good for an easy repair. Often the one long is the video error and the 2 short are to indicate you have a POST problem - as if you didn't know! Try reseating the ram first or even removing...
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    Roads? Who needs them....

    Peugeot - the dive of your life. .
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    Ever Done a Engine Swap On a 202.....

    Most of what you need is here Its not worth it financially - but its a challenge if nothing else. I reckon you would learn a lot about the car just doing the conversion. Must be something in the water here in Essex :D
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    BT Homehub 2 Repeater

    Yep - but the Asus acts as a client and retransmits on a different SSID using NAT for multiple clients :) - this is Ok if you dont want extended N coverage and G will suffice This certainly is currently working on a BT 2Wire Business hub on the latest firmware which has also been badly hacked...
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    BT Homehub 2 Repeater

    I checked the web and whilst stocks are thin they are available here There are other stores but these guys claim to have stock and at least have an address! I will happily stick mine in the post if you dont need weeks of tech support :)
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    BT Homehub 2 Repeater

    From what I can see the Homehub 2 doesn't support WDS therefor you cant just add a second access point in the traditional manner On a BT business hub (outlaws over xmas) I extended mine by using an Asus WL-330GE (my travel router) - a brilliant piece of kit about the size of a packet of...
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    Anyone else really fed up with the snow?

    Close doors, mop floor, put space heater on Job done I will post the pics of us chopping a 7'2" trailer down to 6'10" in a snowstorm at some point. I'm not a wuss :)
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