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    Rough engine

    Sounds like "false air" taken into your intake manifold. Usually there are a few air pipes connected to your intake system after the throttle body. If one of these leaks air then your air/fuel ratio will be incorrect since the leaked air is not measured by your air mass meter. Under idling...
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    Diesel customisation and tuning specialist in Kent recommendations please

    To increase an turbo diesel engine's performance with 30% without heavy modifications are relatively risk free. When you are looking at 70% you need to look at modifying the whole system. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. At 250hp you should probably modify the clutch to handle...
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    Battery warning light keeps coming on

    To check if something is draining the battery you need to connect an ammeter in line between the battery pole and the battery cable. If there is a drain on the system, pull out the fuses one by one. The fuse that causes the drain to disappear is the system draining the battery. Now you know...
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