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    A/C light on or off?

    I took my 124 to get regassed after changing the condenser. When I went to pick it up they told me they had tried filling it but the compressor never kicked in so they emptied the system again. I had to point out that when the light was on the A/C was off, seemed counter-intuitive then and it...
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    I have no words...

    I know the area and I also know that Hs2 is going to be built the other side of that main road. I bet she'll love that.
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    This may also help M104.992 / 95E320 Timing Cover Seal Replacement Steps and Pics - PeachParts Mercedes-Benz Forum
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    Sorry, I only downloaded the ones I needed and I can't for the life of me remember where they came from. Personally I would not be too fussed by that amount of oil around the front of the engine though I would suggest that the gasket I mentioned is the culprit (or rather the sealant where the...
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    An over or under torqued gearbox sump can leak after a service. The head gasket usually leaks at the offside rear, if it is at the front it may be where the u shaped gasket (item 24 on the second pdf) between the upper and lower chain covers meets the head / block (I hope that make sense)
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    That was my approach too, though with hindsight I think the oil that was leaking onto the exhaust manifold was actually from the rocker cover gasket rather than the head gasket which is below the headers. EDIT: Just noticed that you were actually talking about the rocker gasket rather than the...
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    I don't know of any manual, some people have bought DVDs off ebay that might help. I have attached a few pdf that should help.
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    I wasn't sure whether your car would be affected by the loom issues, it looks like you are ok as if it was bad it's pretty obvious. The only special tools I recall having to buy was the splined socket for the head bolts. You also need to buy / fashion a puller for the pin that supports the cam...
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    1996 C280 W202 I6 Auto - Oil Leak at the Rear of the Engine

    If you cannot do it yourself then it would be expensive. I am not too sure but your engine may also suffer from the degrading wiring loom which would need replacing / repairing before attempting the head gasket which will further increase the cost if it hasn't already been sorted. I did my own...
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    Time to cut my losses.

    You are so right, I have removed any more that showed signs of peeling and treated the surface rust before apply shutz and spray on underseal. I am very aware though that this is not a one-off activity.
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    W124 Shock absorber top mount.

    That is not a standard W124 top mount. Camber (and caster) adjustment is made using the eccentric bolts holding the bottom suspension arm to the body of the car, obviously someone wanted more adjustment than the standard solution provides.
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    Had a couple as company cars, a 2002 model that was probably the best all-round car you could wish for. Also had a 59 plate titanium, this was a fair bit less nimble but still a good car, shared a platform with Volvo iirc. By this point they were already less common than 3 series BM so I am...
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    NOx - Understanding How Many Of Us

    Just picked the car up. Two new NOx sensors installed under warranty (no idea if they would have done it as goodwill if the warranty wasn't there)
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    Fly tipping, or not fly tipping?

    No, I assume it would have been £150 but reduced to £120 for early payment. I guess that would be the police and not the council so I'd say not. Scattering of ashes. The council in Leicester have an area on the river where they can do this each Saturday but they are obviously not allowed to...
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    NOx - Understanding How Many Of Us

    My car, 2012 ML350 55k miles, is going in today with the Check AdBlue message, engine warning light and countdown to not starting. It had the software update about 5k miles ago, no idea if it is related. Bizarrely, although I have not driven it much since the warning started the fuel economy...
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