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    Error message

    It's not a user customizable setting in Thunderbird (although you can opt not to leave messages on the server - not recommended). It's usually where the webserver interface has been upgraded (in this case at the BT end) and you may need to move to a more recent version of Thunderbird to allow...
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    Toshiba e-studio 281c

    Which printer model is this? The Drivers that Windows 10 pulls down are often Microsoft's own generic versions or the universal drivers from the manufacturer. Going back to them for a specific driver usually improves your choice of USB options - if the printer is still fully supported. But if...
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    Dealership Servicing - Beware!!!

    DSR not available on pre-July 2008 models "Unfortunately, no data is available for this vehicle. We are only able to offer the Digital Service Report for vehicles as of July 2008. Please contact your service partner, who will be pleased to advise you personally about our service offerings." :(
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    W211 Rear tow hook cover

    Thanks PM sent
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    W211 Rear tow hook cover

    Despite the little safety cord I must have shed my rear bumper tow hook cover sometime during the week - does anyone know the part number for a pre-facelift 2003 W211 E220 Avantgarde? A quick glance at some other MBs on the road today suggests they all look alike but I'm guessing that the...
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    Any IT guys good with ports / email etc??

    Is your Sky account set to allow you to send and email through the hub using gmx as the return address?
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    Any IT guys good with ports / email etc??

    As the gateway is acting as the DNS resolver if you've a place to put the DNS IP on the DVR use rather than Google's addresses.
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    What are you drinking right now?

    Anyone use Untapped?
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    Any IT guys good with ports / email etc??

    If Sky are your ISP then you'll need to send mail out from your network using their SMTP server smtp server Port 465 username sky account Password sky account password Sender: Reciever: email address you want notifications delivered to If you want...
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    VIN decode request

    VIN: WDB2112762A673489 WMI / VDS / VIS: WDB / 211276 / 2A673489 Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz DCAG DAIMLER AG Brand: Mercedes-Benz Model: E-CLASS Engine: N/A Region/Plant: N/A Check: 6 Year: 2002 Sequential number: 73489 Approx. mileage...
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    Caption Competition

    "But being this is a Ryobi 18v ONE+, the most powerful hand drill in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" "
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    What command have I got??

    & NTG 4.5 wasn't fitted to W204s until end of 2011
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    W211 Roof Strip

    THanks, that was helpful. Bought the Tiger Seal but when I lifted the strip to clean it out found both the broken clip (pictured) and another intact clip just behind the rear rack mounting point so I've just moved the good one back and it seems to be doing a perfect job of holding everything in...
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    Hobbies - What's Your Pleasure?

    Another Geocacher :)
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