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    Carbon Fibre interior trim replacement

    I don't really want it dipped or wrapped TBH. I was hoping I could just find someone selling the entire trim here in the UK ideally so I would in effect end up with 2 sets.
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    Carbon Fibre interior trim replacement

    Where can I get replacement CF interior trim for my SL in the UK ? I am a bit bored of the standard white/ aluminium material currently there. Its mainly door trim and centre console bit that I would need.
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    What exhaust system will make a R320 SL55 pop and Bang a little?

    I spoke with John, unfortunately his map will mean no MOT pass :( so not an option. I will look into the traditional X Pipe route to liberate some menacing sound.
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    Is my SL55 a facelift or not ?

    OK thanks guys, So my car is not a facelift (at least cosmetically) . I guess the real question then is,.. Other than cosmetic differences (revised front grill, bumper, rear lights etc) are there any mechanical/ electrical differences in the face-lift that addressed previous SL reliability/...
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    Is my SL55 a facelift or not ?

    Only came in 5 speed eh ?, hmmm I didn't know that either. I saw the data card. Are there any other codes on there which will clarify other than the model year 806 which I already noted ? Thanks
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    Is my SL55 a facelift or not ?

    Hmm. Thanks. Actually I am coming at it from , "I hope mine has some of the common problems ironed out" which I read may have been done on the 2005-06 "facelift" cars.
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    Is my SL55 a facelift or not ?

    My SL55 is a MY 2006 (according to spec check-( 806 - YEAR OF MODIFICATION)) and it has the wider rectangular shaped command screen when compared with the earlier models smaller and squarer version. I therefore assumed that my SL was the "2006 facelift" model that were showing up from Late 2004...
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    C63s Finally arrives... pics attached

    Very nice indeed, needs lowering also from looking at the pics. Congrats !
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    C43 Test Drive today

    Its got less than 370bhp which doesn't sound like much these days. Find the c63
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    What exhaust system will make a R320 SL55 pop and Bang a little?

    OK Thanks. Will check out the MSL option.
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    Leave the DPF alone, think of the extra pollution you will create
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    What exhaust system will make a R320 SL55 pop and Bang a little?

    I am looking to change the exhaust on my 05 SL55. I want it to sound more dramatic with pops and crack sounds, perhaps more C63 like. I don't want a straight pipe sound, just a bit more dramatic sounding when blipping the accelerator pedal. I want to keep the pre cats also. Anyone done this...
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    c63 - Pre and Post face-lift MPG question

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience to share about whether post facelift C63's (edition 125 onwards) are any better or worse wrt city MPG compared to earlier C63's? I understand the facelift cars had some mechanical changes and this gave some small improvement in this area. Cheers Steve
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    C63 AMG for sale???

    I am looking to buy a clean c63 saloon or coupe. Needs to have HK, reverse cam, some nice extras, sub 45k miles and a MB warranty still active. I can buy quickly, but want to pay a realistic price, so in the region of £26-31k Cheers Steve
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    C63 buying advice

    Colour is a bit bland. Get a black or white one.:thumb: It was probably someone's company car, so well thrashed probably. better of with private owner car. IMO
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