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    Is it possible?

    Probably not on your car. I assume you have to keep the fold button depressed when folding the mirrors? The later, facelifted, W220 has one touch folding and in that case you should be able to use the cluster menu to set auto folding.
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    230t ?

    And here is the smaller engined 200T version of the same model: You can just see the "200T" designation on the rear.
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    230t ?

    No, 230T is correct designation. It's a W123 estate (the T indicates the estate version). It's a carburettor engine. The direct injection version would be called TE. Friends of ours had a white 230T back in the early 80s. Sober compared to modern e-class estates but it proved impeccably...
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    Amazing Jumbo Landing!

    They do, didn't you know? :D
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    Public-sector and utillities price increases

    I guess I can always hit you over the head with my zimmer frame. :devil:
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    Public-sector and utillities price increases

    You mean you charge for leaving my s-class in Peterborough? Surely, you would give me money to have a decent car on display? :D
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    Happy Birthday High-Lo & A-AvantGarde

    And happy birthday from me! :)
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    What is this ?

    A disgrace. :devil:
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    Is the safety of your child worth the risk of a few pennies? :confused: Sure, you might be able to buy some stuff on e-bay that claims to work. What if it does not when it matters? I'm also not too sure that a seat from a dealer would be necessarily much more expensive. I always smile when I...
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    2001 S320 £6495 lotta car for the money?

    Having had a W140 myself, the above is perhaps the fashionable view, but it's not really true. The W220 is not as tank like as the W140, but I can assure you it is not tinny at all. My W220 has proven to be very reliable too. And it's truly a generation further ahead than the W140. Airmatic...
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    2001 S320 £6495 lotta car for the money?

    That's a good idea. I don't agree with others that it's a waste of money. They give a fairly accurate picture of the car's condition, putting you in far better position to make a judgement. These are complex cars and if spending many thousands of pounds, it's best to know exactly what you are...
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    2001 S320 £6495 lotta car for the money?

    You better make sure everything is in perfect working order and I would not take the seller's word for it, get RAC or some other organisation to run a full inspection on it. They are great cars, provided they have been meticulously maintained. In that sense, it ought to come with full service...
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    A Evening At Home With Mr Ian B Walker

    I'm just waiting for Gollom to comment on the carpets... :D
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    clean looking 190

    And taxi beige colour... did he forget a digit in front of the mileage? :devil:
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    Ordered a Skoda today!!

    Apparently, the solution to that is to put a few hundred quid on a rank outsider at the 3.15 at Newbury :D.
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