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    MB Classic / AMG Visit - Germany, August '06

    Clarky - add my name to the list please...
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    MB Classic / AMG Visit - Germany, August '06

    OK Clarky ... I will check out Chunnel and revert back... How many confirmed takers have you got so far ? Will the trip cancel if less than a minimum number go ?
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    MB Classic / AMG Visit - Germany, August '06

    Clarky - I have also posted an invite on my website JUST in case anyone happens to be interested - hope that is OK...
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    MB Classic / AMG Visit - Germany, August '06

    Hello Clarky... yes, its me... anyone planning to travel in convoy ? I will be definitely coming...
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    MB Classic / AMG Visit - Germany, August '06

    Please can I come ?
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    W203 Range - Help Wanted

    I have a 2004 W203 C220CDI Avantgarde in Obsidian Black with Sports Pack... I think personally its the best colour combo right now... The alu trim inside is definitely a change (for me) from the usual Elegance wood trim...
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    Need a gearbox specialist. Any recommendations??

    Alternative is to try Brian at Mercstar in Harrow ... he specialises in MB gearboxes ...
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    Advice on lowering springs

    I have used Eibach on mine ... dropped by 30mm all round and cured the "sniffing dog" posture ... specialists dealers (look in Max Power for examples of companies) will advise on optimum drop height ... the lower, the harder the ride ...
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    What size wheels

    God -those Brabus are cheap !
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    Goodwood FOS 2004

    Nice model -- and the Lambo as well ...
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    Aaaarrgghhhh Head Gaskets gone....

    Check out ebay as there is a BRABUS 3.6litre engine for sale - but needs to come from Germany ...
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    SLK Maximum Wheel Sizes

    Std wheels were the 7 spoke 16 inch originals ... The 18inch fitted without any need for wheel arch mods ... I had to lower all the springs by 30mm when i upgraded to the 18inch cos the back really look funny without it - it just sat too high ! My roll hoops are in DESIGNO Yellowstone leather...
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    SLK Wheels and Tyres Size Combinations

    A few things ... Wheelarch mods only needed if you intend to go bigger than 18inch Lowering springs definitely needed to make car visually correct Ride is definitely going to get harder NO insurance uplift in my case Hope this helps
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    A chump is born on ebay every min .. lol

    Its unbelievable ...
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