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    Comedy shop signs

    Reminds me of one of the drive by shots in "Car Share" with Peter Kaye. The car was driving past a parade of shops, one of which was called Halaldi. I regularly see a hairdresser's shop called Snipetts, and even if their name is Snipett, it's missing the apostrophe!
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    Even more new jokes...

    I was buying the wife some underwear, I asked the shop assistant; “Are these knickers satin?" "No” she said, “They’re brand new...”
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    Courier services?

    It wasn't a 124 door mirror, was it Bob?! I've had two deliveries where Hermes have left an item outside the main entrance to a block of flats where parking is difficult. Didn't even bother buzzing the intercom! Neither parcel was received by me. Last time I sent anything, I used
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    New Top Gear.

    Does anyone buy the TG magazine? I was just wondering if there are any pics taken from the audience of this last series?
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Who's to say they don't already have it on another of their vehicles?
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    How to confirm Mercedes Approved Garage

    I have to say I was surprised at the lack of valet parking at the Ellacombe Con club!
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    How to confirm Mercedes Approved Garage

    You didn't stay with us for long!
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    RIP Sir Sean Connery

    I remember Bruce Forsyth being interviewed once, and he was saying how when he first started hosting Sunday Night at the London Palladium, he wasn't well known. After one of the first shows, he left for a night out with some friends, I think Michael Caine was one, one other and Sean Connery. On...
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    How to confirm Mercedes Approved Garage

    I only pointed it out as it has been discussed here and elsewhere as to whether or not the cost of Mobilo life (ie keeping your car in the network) is worth the premium if you are actually getting a service operated by the RAC. Not looking to argue or disagree! As for my key faux pas, it was an...
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    How to confirm Mercedes Approved Garage

    I was 200 miles away from home at a car show when I locked the key in the boot of my car a few years ago, and Mobilo came to the rescue. He spent 10 mins (in vain!) trying to pick the lock to "keep his hand in", then went the conventional route. During this time he was telling me how their jobs...
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    How to confirm Mercedes Approved Garage

    Which is operated by the RAC!
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    Food questions

    You mean like a bacon toastie?! I did!
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    Food questions

    You've put words in my mouth, Lee - I asked for a toasted bacon sandwich!! I got some of the lads back when they came to stay darn sarf, and ordered bacon on toast!
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    Food questions

    My point exactly! A toasted bacon sandwich is fairly unambiguous to me - bacon between two pieces of toast, but in Liverpool this highlights me being a southern t^&t (amongst other things)! If I ordered bacon 'on toast', that is exactly what I would expect to be served, bacon on a single slice...
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    Food questions

    Jeez, we could have some fun in a scouse cafe! Probably our last meal ever, but...!
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