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    S124 Heater Problem

    Suggest you pull the duovalve to establish whether it's just jammed with crud, has a u/s coil, or possibly has a broken plunger stem. I have a OM 605 and OM606, both of which have caused cabin heat problems. I obtained a used duovalve for the OM605, but simply had to swap plungers as one of the...
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    Engine hex screws

    I've had W124 M104 plug well allen bolts from A Bolt From The Blue, abolt-fromtheblue items in A BOLT FTB store on eBay!
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    W211 Cup Holder

    I've avoided one. They say you should buy a new gearbox at the same time, as the inevitable spillages can be serious for it. All electrikery in there init.:crazy:
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    Sbc pump life problem - which cars are affected ?

    I have a 2004 S211. The prices are significantly below the phase 2s, and the cars are often better equipped; I prefer the pre facelift leather as well. I think it's a no brainer. Buy a cheaper phase 1 and keep the <£2k in the glovebox should a SBC pump be needed (which it may not be). Just check...
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    a piece of advice please

    If the OP was worried about CCJ enforcement, bailiffs etc, that would be one thing, but puts rather a different interpretation on the nature of his creditors.
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    EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality

    Maybe, but not by me. I think I started the PM size element of this particular thread, and I'm of the view that we inhale much particle matter in life - dust and pollen for example in a pre industrial environment, and we are designed to cope with that. So coughing up muck and evacuating it fore...
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    EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality

    Time for VED on cows?? When you read submissions such as this you can be forgiven for taking all the alarmism with a pinch of salt. If any of these 'experts' gave me any confidence that they know what they're talking about I might listen, but they're all over the place. As I believe grober said...
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    EU Commission launches legal action over UK air quality

    From the OP's link It's my understand gleaned from m'learned brethren on the MB forums that matter at 2.5 micrometres (PM2.5s) is emitted by petrol engines rather than diesel. Diesels emit PM10s, much larger. The difference in size means that the mucous lining and cilii in the bronchial...
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    w126 - misfire after start up

    Have you checked the plug end of the ignition leads? Mine is run only a few times now between summers, when it comes out to do 1000 miles or so per year, and I found when running it up before Christmas that my leads had 'verdigris' on them. This seemed to inhibit good conduction when cold. Once...
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    W211 door wiring

    Yes - buy new from MB - coppers and add into the existing fuse box. Plenty of spare slots. Item 200 on the attached pic.
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    W211 door wiring

    Can't help with the wiring in the door, although I know it's full of unhelpful door/window/lock control modules. The W124 and earlier models just had honest simple wires!! I took my S211 12v feed from the fuse box in the dashboard end, behind the plastic hatch. There is also chassis earth in...
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    I Want a G-Wagen

    A 300GDS manual W461. An ex demo bought urgently in 1991 in 2ft of snow when the (newish and bought new) bloody Land Rover had let us down. Again. Already at that time committed MB users, so a logical move. Out of 5 Land Rovers we had, the only good ones were the older ones that had been...
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    I Want a G-Wagen

    I miss this one. Owned 1991 to 2007. Pic taken not far from Stwat's RR pic I'll wager
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    Powering a W124 electric seat..

    These wiring diagrams should do te trick in telling which wires do what. I fitted electric seats on one of my S124s in 2011 and t'other last year.
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