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    Wheel nut.

    They lost them. they buy them ! I once had a steering joint done at a garage and when i went to pick it up he gave me the wheel key and said you will have to buy another one of them its sheared off. O no i don't, you have to buy a new one and get it delivered here as i'm not taking the car as if...
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    E320CDI W211 2006 Facelift Failed MOT on parking break

    Well i would say just replace handbrake shoes. Sounds like a right bunch of cowboys to me, once that's done you know never to go there again.
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    W205 passenger airbag warning light.

    I looked this up on you tube for you. Great tips from nick, have a look it tells you all about the airbag lights :thumb:and 9 other things. MERCEDES-BENZ OF POOLE 10 Frequently asked Questions on YOUR Mercedes!
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    New Toy Collected

    Glad you are ok after the accident, but step aside Mod's coming through.
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    W205 passenger airbag warning light.

    That light is telling you its checked the seat and no one is sitting in it, so it tells you the airbag is not working. If you sit in the passenger seat it goes off. I cant remember how long it stays on for when you start and check is done or even if it goes off. I know when i bought mine 1.5...
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    E320CDI W211 2006 Facelift Failed MOT on parking break

    I had an mot inspector (little bloke) tell me on my 211 estate that the handbrake was not holding properly on an advisory on mot, i told him there was nothing wrong with it. i did nothing but put the seat forward a bit on the mot and it passed with nothing wrong with it for the next 6 years...
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    Maybe its so we are not held to ransom for batteries by the rest of the world, like gas and electric now.
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    Car won't restart in 169km Adblue

    While we are on this has anyone herd of MB draining the adblue tank on a service and then refilling, i did read it somewhere about mercedes doing this as adblue has a two year life (maybe thats why it crystallizes) i did ask an indi about this and he said he had never heard of this. Any thoughts ?
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    Car won't restart in 169km Adblue

    Thanks for letting us all know about this, keep us updated, they are a lot of people driving around with there fingers crossed
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    The people who wants to mess with midgets should not stoop to these tactics, and the midgets should stand tall against this.:banana:
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    Do dealerships give gifts?

    I got the hump with the MB dealership when i went to test drive one, they were useless. The independent garage i bought mine from give the wife a nice bunch of flowers, she was very pleased, but i thought i should have haggled harder for her to get them:rolleyes:. But the car i bought was like...
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    Wiper blades!

    If you want blade's check out MB newcastle or MB Edinburgh on ebay they will give you a good price :thumb: if they are not listed email them 1 or 2 day delivery normally
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    Google Street View

    Ah Ha, i know you are near Melrose in the Scottish boarders and i didn't have to go anywhere :banana:
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    Google Street View

    Polly : Collie the future
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    Google Street View

    Polly put the kettle on : Tea time.
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