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    After B service Engine oil level showing only half??

    I did B service on my W213 Diesel 2 days ago and after service it is still engine oil level shows half only (Half way between min & Max). is this as expected after B service (once in 2 years) that costs £550. still engine oil level is not showing full...? Should I complain to dealer..? I can...
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    E220 (W213) Estate First Service

    E220 (W213) Estate First Service I bought my E Class W213 Estate just before tax raise last year. This means my first service is due this month. I got 2 quotes from nearby dealers (1) £315 Including VAT (2) £383 including VAT. I was told by second guys that amount includes dust filter (aka...
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    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Talked to Merc UK on re-call my 2017 E Class is in it!! I believe all Euro6 models are part of recall. Call 00800 1 777 7777 and give car registration number to check status. Dealers doesn't have correct information yet.
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    Ne E class W213 - Not able to Play Youtube

    Paid for sooo many options and want to enjoy!!
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    E Class (W213) impressions after 1 Month use..

    ff I had some more responses from Mercedes Me Customer Support. On Communication Module (capable of 3G or 4G) I can confirm that your vehicle has Hermes UMTS communication module, which is only 3G capable.The type of module was configured when the vehicle was ordered from production by your...
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    Did we made wrong choice..?? BMW 5 series or Audi A6 better than W213..?

    dd Yes...but Budget not much difference...then its down to style & technology. Style choice again vary from person to person but one factor will not change what all technologies offered in the car.. I liked BMW 5 series items like the Keys ie Key is more than just a car key!! Remote parking...
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    E Class (W213) impressions after 1 Month use..

    Did we made wrong choice..? B** 5 series & A*** A6 better than W213..?? I love to hear a Negative response!!!
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    Merc E class (W213) Service Plan cost.?

    if you go by 3 year service costs, service plan is not good. Unless these service plan gives anything more than normal service..??
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    E class (W213) LED projectors fitting, easy..??

    £100 for Merc original and £10 for ebay one!!
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    E Class (W213) impressions after 1 Month use..

    Did any other issues found in E class..Looks like B** or Au** is better value for better value for money..
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    Ne E class W213 - Not able to Play Youtube

    Any one tried this..? Open browser and play you tube in E Class browser using car wifi connection..
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    E Class (W213) uses 3G in UK while 4G in Europe..?

    Not sure this module itself is 3G capable only or just Vodafone service is limited to 3G. If the module is 3G outdated then scr**'d!!
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    Mercedes E-Class S213 (Estate) - Quality Issues

    Mine is more than 1 month old now, 6 weeks - can I still do that..??
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