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    Cars on the Green Bury St Edmonds tomoz

    I was there yesterday, showing my E320 Coupe with the PistonHeads group. Fantastic show, with so much to see! I can't believe how it has grown in recent years. We were so lucky with a one day break in the weather. I'll certainly be booking our PH stand again next year :rock: Darren
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    31k mile E320 Cabriolet for £25k

    That was quick! I completely agree with your sentiments. I really hope it has gone to a good home :) Darren
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    31k mile E320 Cabriolet for £25k

    Personally I do not care for a celebrity ownership, but there's no denying this appears to be an absolutely stunning example with a very good specification. E320 Cabriolet Darren
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    The red W124 E36 is back on eBay

    A little off topic, this being about the Brabus..... While seeing it for sale for such a long time, price moving up and down like a yo-yo, I've often wondered why someone would have gone to all the effort to repair the car with a Brabus bodykit, but use the wrong headlight glass for one...
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    Widebody AMG

    It's just a guess, but it could possibly this one which has been for sale in Ireland recently: 560 SEC 6.0 Widebody Not many around, and that car has been up for a while. Perhaps the owner is trying their luck at auction. To find, 5th of May seems a long way away! The auction is...
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    Lovely W124 230E

    This looks to be a super example of a 230E. Low mileage, not a huge amount of toys, but Sportline chassis and check cloth trim look great. For sale Mercedes W124 230E Darren
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    SL73 badged as SL70 (R129)?

    Great to know the car has gone to a good enthusiast's home :thumb: :D Darren
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    SL73 badged as SL70 (R129)?

    Off topic, but is your car from the IAA Frankfurt auction last year? I noticed the COYS window sticker in one of your photos. I had a good nose around one, and a silver SL73 while I was there. They both looked stunning under the lights :D Darren
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    300e brabus twin turbo - exchange and mart

    I remember this car being for sale a few years ago on E&M. It had the same level of and description are identical from what I remember. Because of this lack of detail, I, too, am sceptical that the car is complete conversion. I believe Brabus did a TT back then. It would be...
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    A couple more Twin Turbo 124s

    As well as the saloon for sale in the other recent thread, here are a couple more 124 Twin Turbo conversions (one Mosselman, one Turbo Technics by Hughs), both in coupe form. Mosselman Coupe The photos could be better quality, with an added engine shot. Hughes TT Conversion: It has an updated...
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    Calling PhilJ - Please respond to my contact attempts.

    Hello Phil. I thank you for your further reply, albeit again in public. I am pleased to at last read timely communications :) I mention the black verses gold mounts as you say there were "full photos showing each component". It clearly is a stock photo from your own library, as it was not...
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    Stunning 190E 2.5-16

    I just saw this on Pistonheads: Used 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190 E 2.5-16 for sale in Peterborough | Pistonheads Amazing condition, low miles, mostly Main Dealer (a supplying dealer) service history, a superb example! Pretty well priced considering the current climate and the above! Darren
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    Calling PhilJ - Please respond to my contact attempts.

    I am pleased to see Phil has now replied, so thank you :) I read your extensive run down of events from your point of view, but it is perhaps unsurprising in this scenarios that unfortunately they do not entirely correlate with my recall. I have the message and email contacts from the time...
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    Calling PhilJ - Please respond to my contact attempts.

    I made a point of not going in to specific details, as I don't want this thread to become a public argument - the original purpose of this thread was to prompt Phil to respond to repeated contact attempts. I received the reply (be it rather curt), so it worked in that respect. However he has...
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    Calling PhilJ - Please respond to my contact attempts.

    While it was advertised on the forum, my actual purchase was through Ebay. Darren
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