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    Tyre size/load rating basic question!

    Thanks so much for all the replies. Very helpful" Thanks - and yes it is the 'classic' model, I am looking for all weather tyres. Think I now understand what I am looking for - thanks again!
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    Tyre size/load rating basic question!

    Forgive me for what may be a stupid question re tyre size/load rating. I have a 2006 C180 Kompressor 1.8engine, and need new tyres. My current tyres I've had on the car since I got a year ago are Pirelli - back 205/55 R16 91V, front 205/55 R16 91H M+S. When I try to order tyres online though...
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    Checking MAF help - C180 w203

    Hope you get the help you're looking for. By strange coincidence i am having a problem being sure WHERE the maf sensor is on the same car, I have just posted a separate thread so won't hijack yours. Very grateful if you can offer any help. Thanks
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    Where is the mass air flow sensor / MAF? Pic attached

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2006 I have the check engine light code P0171, system too lean bank. Someone suggested cleaning the MAF sensor and I have the correct cleaning spray to do this, BUT I am unsure where it is and how to disconnect it! Sorry if thats a basic question. I have watched a...
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    engine fault code readers / OBD / Star

    Hi all I have a 2006 Mercedes C180 Kompressor 1.8L. I was wondering if some of the engine fault code readers available for purchase (examples below) would work on the Mercedes to allow me to diagnose fault/read code when the amber engine warning light comes on. (and if so if there is one that...
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    C180 Kompressor (2006) - replace timing chain?

    Hi all I have a 2006 C180 Kompressor (1.8L engine) which has done 75,000 miles. I have heard horror stories of the single timing chain (I believe this model has just one chain) stretching then breaking on this model sometimes, in the region of 70,000 - 120,000 miles, and causing damage to...
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