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    Mercedes Benz Clk 220 CDI AMG Sport 2009 for sale

    Here for sale is my 2009 Clk 220 Cdi Amg Sport. It has done 91800 miles which will go up as I use the car to commute. I am the fifth owner of the vehicle. It was first registered on the 24/04 2009, so will be one of the last ones in the CLK range. I am only selling as my wife struggles to get...
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    Personal registrations J999SRP and A11FPR

    Hi I have 2 registrations for sale. First one is J999SRP. I am looking for £550 or nearest offer. This one is on retention paper. The second is A11FPR. I am looking for £600 or nearest offer. I wrote off to 5 or 6 different registration transfer companies on the net, and the valuations they...
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    Merak 16 inch alloys with Pirelli P7 tyres

    Here we have for sale 4 Mercedes Benz Merak wheels which have come off my 1998 CLK. The wheels are straight with no damage to them, but will need refurbishing. The wheels have matching Pirelli P7`s, 205/55/16, with approx 5 mm left on them. The wheels may fit other models of Mercedes Benz, ie...
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    Bury bluetooth kit Music x 2 for sale

    Hi Since both my wife and I changed cars last year I have 2 Bury CC9060 Music bluetooth kits for sale. The Bury kit is, when installed, very easy to use and will allow you to play your music from your phone through your car speakers. And as the fine for using a mobile in your car has gone up to...
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    Fuel/Turbo/Egr etc cleaners

    Hi all Having seen numerous posts about which cleaners to use for fuelsystem, turbo etc, I had this link sent in an email to me, Turbo Cleaning and Turbo Cleaners | Oilem - Lifting the lid on the market. Although it is linked to Powerenhancer, Power Enhancer HOME | Engine Cleaning | Injector...
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    Thank you

    Hi all Just a thank you for those of you who have put threads on about change of steering wheel. Thanks to those threads I managed to change steering wheel on my W210 without any major issues. The wire came of the airbag connection whilst the ignition was on and me SRS light stays on now after...
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    Is it kaput??

    Update Had injector 3 changed no problems, it came out fairly easy and the car is now running so much better. The mechanic was unfortunately right, injector 6 is now showing 4.4 and it can be heard just slightly when driving along. Whilst I was told these numbers, 5.1 and 4.4 by the mechanic, I...
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    Is it kaput??

    Update. Had it put on Star, injector 3 is kaput. It shows 5.1, apparently it doesn`t get any worse than that, and injector 5 shows -4.9. I was told it was due to injector 5 trying to compensate for injector 3. He is changing injector 3 next Weds/Thurs, £120 for the injector and 1hr to change...
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    Is it kaput??

    How could I ever doubt you, Dieselman. I wish I`d had a big nappy on when I heard the noise first time, I really thought it was something terminal, as I suppose it would to the untrained ear. I have had previous good experiences with Lucas injector cleaner, Lucas Oil Products (UK) - Heavy Duty...
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    Is it kaput??

    I hope it is and you are right. To me it sounds more like bottom end falling out. Away at the moment in wifes car, will let you know how I get on next week.
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    Is it kaput??

    Hi all My engine, in a 1999 E320CDI, has over some time developed a metallic clacking noise, is the only way I can describe it. It is getting worse, and the engine has startet to idle rough as well, jumpy and rough. I hoped it had to do with the engine mounts, or certainly the clacking noise...
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    Engine mounts on W210 E320cdi

    After having told you all that me,myself and I was going to change engine mounts this week, it doesn`t look like it is going to happen after all. Having read up on it beforehand, Lemforder seems to be the one`s to go for, however, can`t get hold of them anywhere. Eurocarparts and...
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    Mercedes show?

    Sorry, nb_racing, just had a look at the benzonthegreen website, looks really great, have put it in the calendar and will endeavor to be there next year.
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    Mercedes show?

    Thanks everyone, and you are of course all right. It is an enormous task, and it will require alot of time and effort. I see and hear from my wife every day the input that is required to put a show on. Thank you BlackC55, nb_racing and knightterrant for advice, encouragement and invitation. If...
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