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    S-Class Buying Advice

    I swapped my COMAND system for a double DIN Pioneer unit that I had previously installed in my 2007 E class. My ICE guy had to find a wooden panel to fit around the unit and it is almost a perfect match with the existing wood surround. I now have Apple CarPlay which is fantastic and even better...
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    which pressure washer are you guys using?

    I use a Nilfisk which I bought from Argos, after just over a year the pressure adjuster on the lance didn't work. I rang Nilfisk and the nice lady sent me a brand new lance free of charge! She didn't even ask for the original one back. The Nilfisk also came with a patio cleaner which I have...
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    Does nobody use these products from MB?

    I used to use Autoglym products and still do except for the super resin polish as I think you can get much better these days. I am also a recent convert to Meguiars stuff and enjoy watching most of the videos on YouTube. In between I used some Zymol products but they seem to have vanished from...
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    W126 ICE

    With a boot as big as the w126 bass should never be a problem. You can use the two cutouts at the sides of the boot if you don't want to dump a big sub at the back of the boot. I've used both methods down the years and the results were sensational even if I do say so myself!! In an already quiet...
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    Does nobody use these products from MB?

    That seems very plausible. I've never used any of their products but they're always on sale at Eurocarparts so I might give them a try.
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    W126 ICE

    How's progress with the ICE and your w126 in general?
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    Does nobody use these products from MB?

    I'm going to assume that most of you reading this post enjoy/love washing and cleaning your car(s) as much as I do. To that effect I have yet to see (and I could be mistaken) any threads recommending something that is available from most MB stealerships. I know that we all have our favourite...
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    W126 Advice

    Here’s my tuppence worth: I’ve had all three w126 variants and for the body style the SEC is clearly the best looking and the best investment. It is also the most problematic and the most prone to rust especially under the doors and under the rear screen. It is also prone to water ingress in the...
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    w140 s500

    If you've got an absolutely huge garage then that has got to be a suitable old Benz to have. The price isn't too bad either and the colour is very rare. Mind you decent w140s are now rare full stop!
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    450 SEL 6.9

    That is a lovely car in a lovely car. The low estimate sounds warning bells but if you've got deep pockets and/or the necessary skills to bring it back to its former glory then I'm sure it will find a happy home.
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    £250,000 beast

    This part of the ad tells a sensible person all they need to know -"Will Consider Anything Within Ebay Rules As A Possible Part Exchange" Smacks of desperation trying to sell something which barely anyone wants or needs.
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    2 w126s to avoid

    Mercedes 500 SEL W126 1989 | eBay The above has a sunroof problem which has resulted in water entering the cabin under the floormats etc etc. Also the seller by his own admission has never serviced the car. Avoid. Mercedes 500 SEL - Rare Sample of a Classic Mercedes 1990 Limo - Iconic W126 |...
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    W126 ICE

    I know I'm very late in the day here but I've owned 6 w126 models and I've changed the ICE in all of them! I can't remember the exact model numbers of what I paid for but for the headunits I've had Kenwood, Pioneer, Nakamichi & Alpine. The Nak was easily the best. Any competent ICE outfit should...
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    Restored SEC -When being greedy just isn't enough...

    There's no substituting for pure greed to start the New Year Mercedes 560 sec fully restored. | eBay There are no photos which of course is invaluable when you want to judge the merits of the "Best in the world" SEC.
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    TOWISW123 '89 420SEC

    You have to be wary of an ad like that eg "self cleaning rear lights" ?! What nonsense. Orange Bosch indicators "give it that classic 80s feel". As for being completely nutty considering it as a daily driver I would say you are as it is a thirsty car. For leisurely use I would say it's fine. I...
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