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    W211 Door Mirror

    Does anybody know how to dismantle a W211 door mirror, I have the bulb failed symbol displaying on dash, only I know ots not the bulb as it still works when locking?
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    Nokia 6310I Replacement

    I'm running a E211 with Command/satnav etc, linked to this is the full factory telephone installation, up until now, I have been using a multi-sim via Vodafone, enabling to keep the 6310i in the car, and have something a little more modern in my pocket. Vodafone have now stopped multi-sims...
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    LED Display

    My wife's LED display panel in her 1999 A170 has just packed up, checked all the fuses etc but alas all are OK. Does anyone have any knowledge of where to find a cost effective replacement, and how to fit it? Cars only worth about £2000 so going to a MB main dealer is out of the question...
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    Finding Mr Right............

    Lets see how Mr M does? 1. at least 5' 10" tall - Just 2. good looking - well depends how much she's had to drink? 3. 12.5 stone in weight - Just 4. earns more than £30,000 - easy 5. blue eyes - arr green 6. short dark brown hair - was, now light grey 7. medium build - yes 8. BA degree...
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    **CAN U HELP ?** A170 semi-auto gearbox probs :(

    A170 CDI Semi-auto box Have been using the car everyday since popping the inter-connecting rod back on, it was the only fault I found, so have now purchsed new for the total cost of £3.86p from Tony Purslow in Basingstoke, I'm told they keep them in stock.
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    **CAN U HELP ?** A170 semi-auto gearbox probs :(

    Semi-auto Problem All Seams Well (for the time being) Well, spent the last half-an-hour under the bonnet tonight, I can not for the life of me find any other symptom than the small inter-connecting rod between the two shift linkages that had popped off. Now taken the car for a test drive...
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    **CAN U HELP ?** A170 semi-auto gearbox probs :(

    Just another bit of info, not good either, on a separate issue, I was concerned that the clutch needed replacing, and asked a local independent gearbox specialist. He stated that the clutch itself was simple enough to change, but then the clutch mechanism has the be set up by a MB main dealer...
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    Does Service Plus still exist?

    I'm running a E211 220 CDI auto, at the 2 year 11 month mark with 57k already clocked up, I enrolled this on their service plus contract, at £117 per month and 25k mileage per year, I haven't looked back, I have had more than my moneys worth back in parts alone.:)
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    **CAN U HELP ?** A170 semi-auto gearbox probs :(

    As if by shear coincidence My wifes A170 clutch-less manual exhibited the same faults today for the first time in 87000 trouble free miles:mad: Naturally I had to go and collect her car from where she had left it, managed to get it into second and drove home. Upon a short inspection, ie...
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    Tyre Pressures

    Maybe Not So Spot on I'm running Michelin Pilot Primacy HP tyres in 225/55/WR16, which is THE recommended tyre of choice I’m told on a W211 220 CDI. Now the filler flap label states 30 PSI front and rear, this gives nice ride, but oh boy do the edges round off on the fronts? The...
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    Extended car warranties

    Go for the MB service contract instead, service and warranty together!
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    Service History

    Independent Service Which MB indy is that then, my wifes 1999 A class needs a service.
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    211 Panoramic roof.

    Where did you get that from?
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    What Motors Have You Owned?

    Motors Owned From memory in reverse order: E220 CDI- my current car A170 CDI- wifes current car Jaguar X type 2.5L sport Ford Focus Landrover Discovery S2 V8 Auto - Saudi Arabia Chevrolet Caprice Classic V8 - Saudi Arabia Volvo 940 - Thailand Mazda 626 - Thailand Suzuki Rino -...
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    Best Engine oil for w211

    Mobil 1 Oil Mobil 1 can be purchased from Costco in Reading for £20.00 for 4 litres, that's £18.00 less than Halfords or other local factors :bannana: .
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