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    May have wrong production discs 05 CLS 55 AMG(please read)

    As above Both of the front discs are the same
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    Declaring Alloy wheel change?

    When I declared all the mods to my E55 it did not significantly increase my insurance costs (about £60) but it did very much limit the number of companies that would quote
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    Declaring Alloy wheel change?

    I think the point is if anyone asks that what I would say they were on it when I bought it and I assumed they were standard ;)
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    Are pressed plates legal?

    Pressed plates for me, no problem with MOT and PC plod has had no objections so far!
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    Mercesdes Sprinter RHD to LHD conversion

    That's quality work do they also do an option that can be reverted back easily. Could be really useful if you travel back and forth from Europe
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    w211 display faulty !!!!?

    As far as I am aware and I had same problem with my W211 E55 Display faulty indicates a problem with communication between various CAM in car. Mine turned out after some considerable time looking to be a corroded board in the boot. It threw up many weird errors including oil, battery and SBC etc.
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    Tips for 18y old learning to drive

    I have had four teenagers who have gone through the learning to drive process in the last 8 years. They have all varied in the number of lessons but probably quickest was about 20 (oldest son) and 40 (oldest girl) As for driving school reviews from others is always the best way
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    Offside front tyre down to the cords

    Mine wore like this on the rear when I had the ride height set too low on my ELM It was sometimes rubbing on the side of the wheel arch liners, which although only plastic were highly abrasive (like sand paper)
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    Wifi Guest Network

    Hi, Draytek Vigor routers are very good have been using the for years these will offer the type of isolation that you require DrayTek Vigor - ADSL Routers Firewalls UTM VoIP IP PBX and Networking Products
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    Sport 2 suspension setting E55

    ^^ Me too
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    Which version of maps W212 NTG4?

    Hi, I can assure you that what is shown is the bottom of my list there are no further items.
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    Which version of maps W212 NTG4?

    When I do this I get what is shown in first post I do not have map version on my list
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    Which version of maps W212 NTG4?

    As mentioned in first post I have no map version option in standard menu. Looking where to find in engineering menu Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which version of maps W212 NTG4?

    Anyone know how to get this information from engineering menu Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which version of maps W212 NTG4?

    I am OK to get into the engineering menu Once there I have no idea where to find and decipher the information for: Map version Firmware version
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