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    Gran Turismo 4 Prologue - Japanese

    I also bought one from the middle east a couple of weeks ago (cost £2.50). How do you chip a PS2?
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    OT: Get out of the room

    Try this URL. All will be revealed.
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    Court Case

    I'm with the "attend the court in person" brigade. Personal experience: caught doing 70 in a 30 zone. Solicitors refused to come with as to save my money (assuming automatic ban). Put on a good suit (though not too showey). Groveled as no one has ever groveled before. Got 6 points and £300 fine...
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    diamondbrite kits for sale

    mercmanUK, ditto here. Put me down for the kit. Thanks. Steve
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    Silver cars are safer

    Source of Information The info on silver cars comes from this weeks endition of the British Medical Journal. "Car colour and risk of car crash injury: population based case control study S Furness, J Connor, E Robinson, R Norton, S Ameratunga, and R Jackson BMJ 2003;327:1455-1456...
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    Anyone just see Watchdog? 02/12/03 @7pm

    You are right. Just checked it out. Phew.. Many thanks
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    Anyone just see Watchdog? 02/12/03 @7pm

    I watched it and so did my wife. She was horrified and now is reluctant to drive her Smart (only purchaed two months ago). My view is that three incidents are not a cause for panic. Chances are it will never happen to her...or so I keep telling myself.:confused:
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    Top Gear

    Ditto here. Sorry guys but I am longer able to arrange cover for work at such short notice.
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    Tools to break into a car?

    Maglite I am intrigued by the maglite. Is it to be used as an assault / defence weapon or I am missing something here.
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    OT: Plastic Surgery

    Plastic Surgery I am no expert on cars but I know a thing or two on surgery (consultant ENT surgeon, NHS and Private Practice in the North West). Take my advice: stay clear of high street plastic surgery clinics. You know the kind advertising liposuction and collagen injections to in Vogue and...
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    New CLK GT-R

    Fifth Gear Did anyway watch the prgram tonight. Tiff Needell tested CL65 AMG with over 600 BHP. No price announced but 20 will be arriving in the UK. Now where's muy lottery ticket?:)
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    Go-ahead for the new CLS-Class

    Sorry chaps. I for one do not like it. Back end is too darn American for an MB. Front end is Japanese. To my eyes, when I see an MB even without the badge I should know instinctively it is an MB. This one may look sleek and rounded but could be by any car maker.
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    Top Gear

    Me to please Please don't leave me out. Name added at the end of list. Andy K + Wife Maff + Girlfriend Ian Walker + Wife Jaymanek + Female? Wheelie + Wife Richard M- One Ticket? Sym + Wife mw_C32 (Mark) + Wife Mark & Allison (real owner driver of 300SL!) Pluggers +...
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    Top Gear

    How do you get "invited" to the program?
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    Brilliant ebay story

    Power to the little prople :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
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