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    Airmatic Issues

    I have a 2010 E220 estate that has a rear Airmatic fault. The car has springs/coils on the front but has airbags on the rear. The compressor in the boot doesn’t start when the car is started and shortly after an error message is outputted on the dash saying there is a malfunction with the...
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    Front door speaker

    Is there an easy way to check the wiring on the front door speakers without going to hassle of removing the door trim? The speaker works intermittently and I suspect a loose wire?
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    Erratic engine speed / gear change

    Hi Have a 2010 e 220 CDI with 5 speed auto. When car is cold the gear changes are quite sharp and the engine revs are dipping and raising quite vigorously as I drive along at say 30mpj. Car done 45k miles and just had transmission fluid change. Once car is warmed up the gear changes are...
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    Independent Service Specialist

    Hi New to the world of Mercedes ownership and wondering if anybody can recommend any good reasonably priced independents in the Wakefield/Leeds are of West Yorkshire. Thanks Matthew
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