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    Wheel bearing advice

    I think a mod will have to remove this member. He’s a new account going around posting on threads offering data and reports on car parts lol
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    Wheel bearing advice

    Nice! I did my brakes (pads) not long ago unfortunately. Its nice when you can get the whole lot done in one go while you have everything removed and taken apart already.
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    Wheel bearing advice

    Thank you for the advice. I know how to pack the bearings correctly and removal and assembly does not seem an issue but I was dubious about being able to get the races out without damaging the hub as never done this before but having seen a few MB hubs with races being removed, I don't think...
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    Wheel bearing advice

    Did some more reading, it seems if replacing the bearings, it’s best to replace the races. That’s decided then. Now just need to decide if I’ll tackle replacing the races as the rest of the job is fairly simple OR just get a complete hub.
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    Wheel bearing advice

    Thank you for the reply. Ok yes that makes sense. Is it bad practice to not replace the races if fitting new bearings? I have heard conflicting things. I would of thought, if the races are not scoured or show any signs of damage, then it would be ok. But someone with experience would know better.
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    Wheel bearing advice

    I was misinformed it seems. MB do sell the bearings separately without need to buy whole hub.
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    Wheel bearing advice

    Hi guys, It's been a while. Hope everyone is safe and keeping well. Looking for some advice. Car is a W212 E350cdi. I think a wheel bearing on the front has had it or needs adjusting- there is a droning/humming sound above 40mph and a quite evident change in sound at 75mph without fail...
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    [URGENT] ------>>>>> MBClub Covid-19 Response

    Done and thank you!
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    iPhone 8 64gb Rose Gold Unlocked in excellent condition w/brand new charger and lighting cable

    Hi guys, For sale is my sisters iPhone 8 64GB rose gold unlocked to all networks. Phone has been in a case since purchase and is in excellent condition. It does have one small mark on it and i have pictured it- apart from this it’s spotless. The charger block and lighting cable are brand new...
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    Brand New iPhone XR 64gb Black Unlocked Sealed

    For sale I have a brand new factory sealed iPhone XR 64gb in Black. It’s factory unlocked, so ok for any network UK or abroad. Am happy to meet in person within reasonable distance or can post special delivery with insurance. RRP is £749. Open to offers.
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    Brand NEW Genuine MB W168 A Class Alloy Wheel

    Hi everyone, Having a clear out. 1x 5.5J x 17 ET54 A1684010002 This is brand new as you would buy from Mercedes. Never been used. Has no damage of any kind. Open to offers. Thanks
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    Genuine MB AMG II Aero Monoblock 17" 1x Alloy Wheel

    Hi everyone, Having a clear out. 1x 8.5J x 17 ET30 HWA2024010101 This is the staggered rear. Will fit many MB models- C, SLK, CLK etc The alloy was in storage for a long time after a refurb- powdercoated. Please see pictures for scratches/markings from storage. It is true and straight...
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