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    Mercedes E320cdi Avantgarde Estate £1500

    Going in the garage now until Spring as I bought a cheap Saab Aero that came with a set of winter boots to run over the Winter . Surprised at the lack of serious interest
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    Mercedes E320cdi Avantgarde Estate £1500

    My 2005 E Class Estate up for sale because I have bought another car. £1500 for quick sale Details are: Car bought by me from MB Bristol in 2006 and in my ownership since. Demonstrator plus 1 private owner before me 55 Reg S211 E320 CDi - 204 bhp -colour silver In line 6 cylinder engine...
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    DPF. Cleaning

    Wondered how you got on with this? As it turned out my car wentabout 1000 miles using the Forte DPF cleaner. Ultimately I'm going to remove and clean the dpf but for now I've put another bottle of DPF cleaner in. Just tested it and soot content down to 5%. How long it will last I don't know.
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    Seized Water Pump E320 CDi (on M6)

    Luckily I hadn't done anything about my RAC membership and it renewed by default. They were excellent - patrol van in 30 mins and then recovery truck about 2-3 hrs later. Took me back to my local indy where he managed to get the car into the only free space in a crowded street even though...
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    Seized Water Pump E320 CDi (on M6)

    Technically this has now been resolved but I thought it worth posting my experience and warning signs I probably should have picked up on because the water pump seized on the M6 in torrential rain throwing the polybelt off. The car had been vibrating at tickover for some weeks (I thought it...
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    DPF. Cleaning

    Ok I got the soot readings when using Delphi diagnostic software in real time data mode. I've had this kit for a while and only used to use it to read and clear fault codes -however recently I've began to look at the real time data to see what it shows. Incidentally the fault code that always...
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    DPF. Cleaning

    I have been having problems with car going into limp mode and have had a forced regeneration done twice. First one lasted 5000 miles but the second only 1500. So I thought I would try this stuff and the results seem to be very good...
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    DPF Diagnostic- difference between "load state" and "soot content"

    Carrying out diagnostic on my E320 CDi (W211) using Delphi software I get 2 readings of real time data for the dpf. One is for "soot content %" which I understand and the other is for "Load state %" which I am not clear on although I assume that it refers to the ash content in the dpf. Does...
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    W205 fuel tank size?

    Yes - I hired a C class w205 in Germany. Had cause to check the size of the tank because the hire company (Sixt) tried to rip us off for complete refuelling even though we returned it full. They lost by the way! Our car actually had the optional 66l tank but i believe the 40l is standard spec...
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    Alloy Wheels Repainted

    They look good. Where did you get them done?
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    Genuine Mercedes DPF differential pressure sensor - fits E320Cdi (maybe others)

    Genuine Mercedes Pressure Sensor Part No A642 905 01 00 Correct part for 2005 E320CDi - OM 648 engine but may fit other Cdi engines Bought new end September 2017 and I recently replaced because I thought it was faulty. However, turned out that the DPF needed regeneration - nothing wrong with...
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    S211 - 2005 E320CDi Avantgarde Estate 7 Seater Excellent condition

    The independent that services my car has a nice 2011 E Class up for sale at a very favourable price.I'm interested in it but I would need to sell my own first. Would need to be a fairly quick transaction as I don't think the 2011 car will be around for long so looking to see if there is any...
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    Limp mode after MOT - E320Cdi

    My W211 E320CDi went into limp mode on Friday following an MOT test. I did initially think that this had something to do with the gearbox as the car was showing a torque convertor related fault code. Having cleared that code it has not returned and in any event the car seems to change gear OK...
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    E320 Cdi in limp mode after MOT - gearbox issue

    Seems after all this isn't a gearbox issue -as the fault code for that has now gone - so I've started a new thread
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