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    w208 propshaft bushing

    Flex disc is easy but better dropping prop and changing both flex discs and checking centre bearing at the same time ;) It's the centre bushing on rear of propshaft that I need Iinfo on as this is faulty and has caused flexi disc damage :(
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    w208 propshaft bushing

    Hi I noticed while changing the rear flexi disc that the centre bushing that locates on to the rear differential is needing replaced. Does any one know how to change one of these? I need my car for work and cannot afford to have it off the road for longer than a weekend. Any information on...
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    First time Mercedes owner

    lovely looking car, wish mine looked as nice as that. Almost forgot, welcome to the forum :bannana:
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    PX'd my trusty Pajero for ML55 AMG.

    Hi Chris Hope you enjoy the site. Sound like you have a 1 in a million trader there, not much left like that nowadays. Good luck to you and your new toy :D
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello Halbert Welcome to the club from 1 newbie to another :D
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    Hi chaps New member

    Hello, from 1 new member to another :rock:
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    Hi Im a new member to this site and own a CLK320 that runs on LPG. I have owned a couple of W202 2.5 turbo diesels in the past and thought I would try something completely different for a change so will probably spend quite a few hours scouring this site in the coming months :D
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    W203 rear engine mount

    Hi I think you may have posted this in the wrong place. I am a new member looking for my 30+ posts so just thought I would point this out :dk:
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