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    e350 CDI 2010-2012 4/5 door

    I am looking for an E Class e350 CDI 4 or 5 door considered. 2010-2012 264/265 bhp model Co2 must be 170 or below on the v5. I know its a strange one but I figured its worth a post at least. Thanks, Mark
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    2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition... Opinions and what to watch out for?

    Cool I get you now! Perfect. Thanks Gareth.
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    2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition... Opinions and what to watch out for?

    Not buying from a main dealer getting it from a used car sales garage. When you say Brabus Chip do you mean a remap? I would like at getting it remapped afterwards so... Thanks for the reply I appreciate it! I expect the rear tyres to come and go!!!!
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    2010 CLS 350 CDI Grand Edition... Opinions and what to watch out for?

    Hi All, I am after selling my 2007 Cls CDI and it served me very well, touch wood. I'm now looking at a 2010 Cls CDI 350 Grand Edition. Is there anything I should look out for? I've found one for sale in the UK and about to pay the deposit on it and then collect it on Wednesday all...
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    Mercedes Benz C Class c220 CDI Blue Efficiency V AMG V Elegance

    Hey, I'm looking for: C-Class Diesel 2013 Full heated leather Black or Grey in colour Saloon Manual or Auto So basically when I'm searching but I don't know the spec difference between the AMG V Blue Effic V Elegence... Can anybody advise on the actual differences? Thanks...
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    Changing a bulb on a CLS rear lights

    I did it's 68 euro a side. Just said I'd check on here as well and see if there were any other suggestions. Thanks, MK
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    Changing a bulb on a CLS rear lights

    Hey, Just wondering do I have to buy the whole unit as it looks like the bulbs are soldered into it, all of them. Where is good to buy the unit? Thanks, Mark
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    2007 Cls Drivers window reg.. Genuine or spurious where can they be got

    Hi, I got a kit from ebay for my Cls that replaces the cables and I've tried to fit it and it's not lining up all that well. Where can a spurious or genuine window reg be got for the drivers door? How much are they usually? Has anybody got access to any how to guides? Thank you in...
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    2007 Cls Cdi Front Discs and Pads

    Hey, I need to change the front discs and pads on my 2007 Cls Cdi. I've narrowed it down to a set of Mintex. Is there much of difference between these and genuine ones? Also what size discs should they be? From what I can see the brakes are upgraded ones from the factory. Thanks, M
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    New to the forum

    I'm from Ireland but more importantly from Cork!!! Thanks re the info on the lights. I will stick with standard ones so. I will check out Synergy Motors. Thanks for the advice so far.
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    New Member From London - W204 C63

    Lovely looking machine!
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    New to the forum

    Oh I forgot to ask is there a detachable tow bar available for them (Cls)? Thanks
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