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    CLK w209 Owners - Favour to ask please!

    We have an error Partition Not Closed, on checking the boot, there is nothing engaging with the microswitch, even though the partition is fully down - not a strut problem , they have been replaced. We had a large box in the boot and I think it has snapped something, I am not sure if the...
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    Just a quick note on Xenons on W219 - same as W211 I think. Changing bulb requires bumper off. Not as bad as it sounds. I tried without and ended up breaking the spring from its retainer. Struggled a long time to refit. What I wanted to share is the you can use the igniter to hold the bulb in...
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    Fitting Airmatic Hose

    I am having the most frustrating time. One of my rear air hoses popped out of my rear air shock. I have used a repair kit and got a new connector for the air shock. The repair kit worked really well. I cannot for the life of me get the air hose to insert full and lock in the air connector...
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    Arnott Rear Air Shocks - Help

    jaymanek - Yes it worked to raise front of car. So I know that can work. Lyserman I think the sensor is likely as the car was raised to full before working on the car, I will try to get under tonite and look. I can see from the photos it is not the easiest location to get to.
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    Arnott Rear Air Shocks - Help

    Thanks for Information, really hoping they have not been damaged, I have a iCarsoft scanner which is reading the airmatic and it does not report any errors - however I will take a look as when I look at the values rear reports higher than front - which clearly it is not 19mm I believe,
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    Arnott Rear Air Shocks - Help

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    Arnott Rear Air Shocks - Help

    So I am going to do a full write up - as I have learnt a few tricks over and above some of the other descriptions I have found, On the second side,it was down to a an hour or so to swap over. I think all has been succesful, but here is my problem, I have both sides absolutely flat on...
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