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    W203 estate > tracking down a rear 'clonk'

    hopefully a stone stuck in the shock springs, as i experienced once. Exhaust / Tyre place removed for free :D
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    R129 Leather Seats

    Armor all vinyl wipes to clean the leather - note vinyl wipes not leather wipes and use the protector / sealer spray on semi matt finish and spray on all your vinyl and be amazed. All at Halfords
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    Sticky Steering wheel R129

    Have the dreaded sticky steering wheel - any suggestions to clean it please :dk:
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    Terra Clean

    Terraclean. I had the terraclean service on my 100k SL320 V6 and noticed better acceleration especially to 3500rpm - quieter - smoother and feels much more free with the revs. Don't know about mpg as yet. £95 well spent on Snake Oil. Work done yesterday.
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    R129 Facelift Cluster Gremlins.

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    Bizzare knocking noise. Defeated me, the mechanic and logic

    my SL made a clonking noise everytime I wnet over a speed bump or such - turned out to be a stone the size of three grapes moulded together, which was stuck in the suspension spring..
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    R129 Facelift Cluster Gremlins.

    on my MY2000 SL320 the bulbs have gone on the left side and oddly the fuel low light comes on when the fuels low as they should but if I turn the lights on the fuel low light goes off. also it doesnt buzz if the lights are left on with the door open. Will probaby replace with LED's - is this...
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    Problems with recently purchased R129

    future reference. get to know the Sale of Goods Act. ;-) you could reasonably push for more.
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    C55 front bumper caught on kerb :( there is a guy who sells them. You night get lucky, otherwise its inusrance time.
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    2000 R129 door speakers

    Yes I replaced mine with some really good ones. Hertz make them. Search my posts and find them or wait till I get back home and report in a day or two.
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    R129 Facelift Front Bumpers

    Yes. on cant remember his name I have it at home somewhere. Very impressed. delivery was about 10 days sent direct to D-Class to fit it. he has usually about 50+ Bumpers for sale at any give time !
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    Redknapp's tax affairs

    God I hate football and all the over paid egotistical wanga's that are part of it.
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    is this worth it?

    would look nice on my Sunseeker Widebody :D
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    R129 Facelift Front Bumpers

    I nicked it on a kerb and reversed back :doh: and discovered some previous bumper history and came to the conclusion that it wasnt looking good. :eek: chap in Germany sells them for £250 and charges £50 Delivery via paypal, and he has 100% etc. he just does bumpers. luckily it was...
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    R129 Facelift Front Bumpers

    Are £813.00 Ex Vat unpainted from MB. few years ago they were £300. MB loves its Customers... then.. thank god for :D
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