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    "Brutus" the e55k Project

    When my duo valve went it took ages for it to pack altogether. I was forever checking the rear vents to see if they got hot. Car looking great as always Gav.
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    Genuine Merc OIL 5W40 229.50

    Tde1 if you read this I can't pm you to sort out the oil as your message limit has been reached.
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    Genuine Merc OIL 5W40 229.50

    Oil has gone to a good home.
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    Genuine Merc OIL 5W40 229.50

    Just to clarify - I will not post these out at all, they need to be collected from near Worcester - West Midlands M5 junction 6 or 5. First to collect them can have them - if they are not collected within two weeks they will be dumped.
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    Engine oil consumption

    Gav is spot on, assuming you have made sure the breather covers are not leaking. If it has a rear main seal leak it will be all over your auto transmission sump but of course its wont be ATF. If its all clear and your still worried then a compression check is next I guess. Some of these...
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    Genuine Merc OIL 5W40 229.50

    Sorry the above should read Brand New SEALED 5l containers of oil not unsealed.
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    Genuine Merc OIL 5W40 229.50

    Having a garage clear out and I have two brand new unsealed 5l containers of genuine Mercedes oil. It was purchased from Merc Newcastle just before xmas. I think its Petronas oil but not sure, I used it for my E55 for many years. They cost £34 but Im happy for them to go to a local Merc owner...
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    Engine oil..yet another thread

    Mercedes newcastle sell genuine Mercedes 5w40 229.5 oil at £17 for 5l.
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    Has anyone had their AMG resprayed?

    I've only had two cars resprayed in the past and both retained the original the factory colour. The cost very much is determined by the amount of pre paint preparation the car needs. One of the cars was old and needed a lot of prep work. It was a mid sized car and paint wasn't as expensive as...
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    Dash Cams

    I had a transcend drive pro in my W211. It worked well but the WiFi feature was a waste of time. In the end I just removed the card instead of down loading them. The size was on the large size, I installed in a bespoke way so was not an issue. Overall it was good, worked well and was cheap.
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    Diesel to the max?

    It's good but not impressive when you consider the GM TTid (commonly found in the Saab 93),remapped to 240hp. That engine design is also pretty old by today's standards.
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    The first thing that comes to mind.

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    AMG Seat Badge x 2

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