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    Dash cam while parked in winter

    No issues with running battery flat. Been using energy saving mode for longer record times. It goes to sleep and will record when there is impact. I might consider adding on Thinkware ivolt battery but I'm satisfied with current settings for now. Thinkware U1000 works like a treat. It's one of...
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    Dash cam while parked in winter

    Sorry for confusion. It's running 24/7 but parking mode is set to motion detection. So the dash cam is always on to monitor any movements but only records when motion or impact is detected. Correction - winter battery protection powers the dash cam off 0.2 volts above 12.2V
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    Dash cam while parked in winter

    Right now it's recording 24/7 but I might try energy saving mode later on to put the dash cam in sleep mode to save power consumption. In motion detection mode. Thanks for the advice - I have it set to 12.2V and it is still going good. Great to hear :thumb: How much did your batter pack cost?
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    Dash cam while parked in winter

    Hi all. I’m using a Thinkware dash cam hardwired for running 24/7 while parked. I don’t to flatten the car battery and it drains pretty quickly in the cold. But I have not installed an external battery because it will cost me £170. So I’m trying out battery protection on Thinkware Cloud app...
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    AMG start up's

    Guess it's really down to whether one can appreciate the sound of a good exhaust
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    Would you let your mrs drive your C63?

    It really depends on driving skills rather than gender :cool:
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    C63 Snow Drift

    Nice! Just enjoying a good drift session :D
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    s211 e55k and 2 buckets

    Well Turtle Wax does the job. You have to wipe for ages though 😁
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    W212 E63 spoiler

    Carbon spoiler adds a nice touch to your E63!
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    New Member

    Does not make sense for them to go ahead with examining the car without notifying you of the diagnostic cost.
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    C200 Diesel Estate - Cabin Smell

    Straight on point! :thumb:
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    Mercedes S550 2007 w221Comand died

    Yes this case would apply to any car not just a Mercedes.
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    New member

    Perhaps I should have said being precautious rather than difficult. :)
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    C200 Diesel Estate - Cabin Smell

    I have a diesel but not having such issues. If diesel smell is entering the cabin, it could become a bigger problem.
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    Mercedes S550 2007 w221Comand died

    Did not notice you car flooded. I would take it to a garage to inspect.
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