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    Mercedes clk 55 amg

    Now sold!!!!
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    Mercedes clk 55 amg

    Good condition genuine Mercedes clk 55 amg 65,853 miles,the lowest currently for sale on the internet. The car benefits from optional extras such as,keyless go, electric rear blind,sunroof,Nokia mobile phone and charging point under the armrest,as well as the usual air conditioning,sat...
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    Posting pictures on here?

    Hi guys I need your help? I wanting to advertise my car for sale on here, however I ain't got a clue how to post pictures on here? Can anyone help me please I'd be really grateful
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    Stop moss collecting on rubber trim

    Hi guys was just wondering if any of you guys could help me? Is there anything I can put on the rubber seals to stop moss from collecting?. With it being a second it's parked on my drive most of the time, the problem is the driveway doesn't getsunlight on it at all so it collects in no time! And...
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    Clk55 amg exhaust

    Hey guys I'm considering having the pre cats taken of out of my exhaust I was wondering if any of you guys have had it done? If so how has it faired on the emissions test? Also has there been any improvement in performance?
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    Car polish

    Hi guys what's your thoughts on this? What's the best bodywork polish on the market? I've always used autoglym but maybe it's time for a change any recommendations would be welcome!
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    Newbie with a few posts

    Hey guys like the title says I'm newbie who's got 20 odd posts!, but there's still something baffling me? How do you post photos your help would be most welcomed thankyou
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    Haha sc3992 left myself wide open for that one. Cleaning shampoo I can into my wetvac
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    Aero blades

    What's you guys opinion aero wiper blades are they any better than the traditional wiper blades?
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    No everythings the exact same! Can't get my head around how a 5.5 v8 is cheaper than 2.6 v6? it doesn't make sense
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    How can it be £200 cheaper to insure a clk 55 amg rather a c240 w203? How do they work that one out do any of you guys know why?
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    What's the beast thing for cleaning the footwell carpets?
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    Dyno mode

    So I was told the other day about be able to put my car into dyno mode. Have any of you guys done this? Am I missing out by not driving it in this mode?. I've heard it turns the power steering off,abs, and it turns the traction control off completely, it sounds like fun!!!
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    M113 55 amg engine

    I'm just wanting abit more noise think this sounds to tame compared to a w204 c63 amg
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    M113 55 amg engine

    Has anybody put a performance air filter on m113 55 amg v8 engine? Such as a k&n Would love to put one on mine but I've heard they knacker airflow sensors up after about 10 miles or so!
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