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    2011 E class steering wheel lock

    As i have an electrical adjustable steering column, it would appear that it doesnt have a steering lock
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    CLK240 Certain electrics failed after hooking up wrong terminal

    Does the rear sam have to be coded?
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    W164 Wont start

    Just spoken to Tash at Ollies, and booked in for a service and investigation. She sya that that year and model, are having issues with the steering lock which has the same symptoms
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    W164 Wont start

    I have an issue with my Ml350 2009 Go to start it doesnt even try and turn over , and the glow plug warming light doesnt come on. try 3 or 4 times then it suppenly starts ok. I have had a new battery, and last service had a new ignition switch. Now the command thinks its not for this car. Any...
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    W164 ml power tailgate

    Does anyone know about how much fluid should be in the hydraulic pump chamber as i cant see any markings, and i suspect its low as it less than 1/2 full.
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    W164 ml power tailgate

    Found the motor under the floor under the spare wheel soaking wet, i will dry it out and see whats occurring
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    W164 ml power tailgate

    Looks like its trying to work by the sound of it, ,any idea on how to access the motor or does anyone know where the sensors are?
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    W164 ml power tailgate

    Just started not working either to open or close. tried it on key or handle unlocks and closes tight but no upward or downward poured motion, had to open and close it manually. Any ideas?
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    Went down yesterday for a service on the bus, excellent as usual, a real pleasure as you will never be ripped off always great service. Thanks Chaps and Nat
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    AMG wheel colour

    My W164 AMG wheels want a touch up, on the inside, but I have noticed that while the outside is a brilliant silver , the inside looks like a grey colour. Any idea what the inside paint is called?
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    Backlit LED numberplates

    They're made from alloy, so that would mean that they are not street legal.
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    Mb Specialist near KT3, Kingston Upon Thames

    Coming from KT5 I always go to PCS, great service and the guys know mercs inside out , but the cherry on the cake is they won't rip you off, can't recommend them higher, wish they did Audi as well.
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    ML 350 W164 steering lock

    correct, just been down to Ollie at PCS, and as I have an electrically adjustable steering wheel, there has no steering lock as such.
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    ML 350 W164 steering lock

    No longer works any ideas? lucky i can still use the car as steering not locked in
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    2009 ML 350 steering lock

    The steering lock no longer works, car starts and drives ok. Any ideas?
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