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    2006 cls55 amg

    Car is my uncles. Below is the Pistonheads ad. Used 2006 CLS 55 AMG for sale in Middlesex | PistonHeads
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    12V feed to glovebox - W209

    Switched 12v from the rear of the cigarette lighter.
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    Sat Nav Upgrade

    If you can fit yourself you can save on labour costs. You will still need coding with STAR to enable navigation on the cluster.
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    Clkrichard R.I.P. For those who dont read the other side Clkrichard has passed away. :( His wife posted the message below yesterday evening: "Hello this is jan richards wife. Im sure richard would want me to update you all. I am very very sad to tell you all that richard passed away...
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    S55K Phone

    MBU3000 is the latest model and has better compatibility. ViseeO MBU-3000 Bluetooth for Mercedes Benz (enhanced MBU-1000) | Mercedes Bluetooth & Phone | Comand Online Ltd
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    Comand Upgrade From June

    A map update wouldnt update the units software / firmware unless you specifically asked them to do this.
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    comand unit

    You need Teleatlas DX or Comand DX on the link below. United Kingdom | Mercedes Navigation Disks | Comand Online Ltd Previous version on ebay will be cheaper if you dont have to have the latest disc.
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    Bye Bye Command

    NTG2.5 comes in two models with single disc or with built in 6 disc changer. it has a SD card slot (for mp3 playback) and music register on the hardrive you can copy music too. Also can playback mp3s from dvd. It has full bluetooth built in and supports aux input, ipod kit and media interface...
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    Bye Bye Command

    At the moment all the speaker connections and antenna connections are in the boot. You would need to run looms from the boot to the rear of the headunit to fit an aftermarket headunit. Also remove the cd changer if you have one before disconnecting the old system as the motorised panel wont...
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    2008 command bluetooth/craidel question ?

    The iphone cradle will allow you to access the songs etc when linked to the optional Ipod interface so you would need to have or also install the ipod interface. More info on the cradles here: Mercedes Bluetooth & Phone | Comand Online Ltd MY09 W211 got COMAND NTG2.5 so if you have that a...
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    iPod nano cannot recognise in my C200 CGI (2010 Jpn Spec)

    Just to verify your media interface works and you have the correct cables (there are 2 types) try the aux or usb media interface cable with something.
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    Command Unit Update

    You posted 'They recommend a software update for the command unit' which is a firmware update for the Comand unit. There is also a seperate map update.
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    Command Unit Update

    You have been ripped off £160! If you posted here the first thing I would have suggested is pull the fuse for COMAND for a full reset, which more often than not gets it all back up and running. This faulty sometimes happen when the HK amp is on the way out, it is a common fault in the W221 of...
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    Sat Nav Upgrade without a doubt. Yes you do need that installation kit. The companies offering cheap NTG4 retrofits dont install the additional ducts and fans.
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