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    Microsoft to buy Yahoo???

    Yahoo bought Overture who are probably Google's main Pay Per Click rival. Not surprisingly Yahoo now display Overture 'Sponsored Links' rather than Google's!
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    Banging Noise when on Full Lock

    Exactly - I get the same thing on the Porker. It only happens when it's really cold, there's been a thread on the Porsche Club forum about the exact same thing. Seems that it's very common. I was expecting a big repair bill the first time it happened.
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    My New Motor

    Car looks great Richard - and a proper gear box too :D
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    New laptop required - anyone seen any good deals?

    You might be on to something there Fuzzer, thanks mate! Now I told the missus it would be £400 hence my £500 i.e. £499.99 :D Time to see if there are some spec options.
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    New laptop required - anyone seen any good deals?

    I did think that but to be honest but he's had a protable dvd player with a 7" LCD screen for a couple of years and he's looked after that OK. Likewise his Gameboy SP, OK I know they're going to be more robust than a Laptop but I think it's worth the risk.
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    New laptop required - anyone seen any good deals?

    I was interested to read this thread. I did a search for Dell to see how people get on with them. I'm looking to buy my son a Laptop for Christmas, I'd thought about Dell because of the warranty and perceived customer service but now I'm wondering. From what you chaps have said the IBM...
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    The World

    Fantastic. I'm sooooooooo jealous of where you live John!
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    mazda track day

    Life goes on - terrorists can't be allowed to rule our lives. Congratulations and enjoy it. I've driven at Rockingham and it is superb!
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    Dreadful - what is this world coming to :( Only last night I was so proud that we'd got the Olympics, look forward to the fact that my boys will be 10 and 15 and how great it will be to take them to London, this makes you think again.
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    Any 911 owners ? Is this value

    The listing had gone by the time I saw this thread :mad: I haven't used porscheshop but I haven't found parts/service to be particularly expensive. I use a quality indy and to give you an example of some prices I've paid based on a 996; Supply and Fit front and rear disks and pads £590...
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    Rather bling SL60 AMG

    But you drive a white car Howard............. Sorry mate, only joking ;)
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    London wins 2012

    LMAO :D
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    London wins 2012

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    London wins 2012

    Well Done London! :rock: Sweeter because we were up against the French :D
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    Rather bling SL60 AMG

    Get ready to be flamed by Steve :D
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