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    M25 junctions banned - including Heathrow T4 exit

    I don't get this, surely obstructing the highway is an offence for which you can be arrested. The Police arrested many protesters at our local site on that basis but most prosecutions failed because the protesters were not on the actual highway. Has the law changed then?
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    Kwik fit disaster

    Beat me to it- reincarnation of Lewyboy/Feelgood.
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    Kwik fit disaster

    Yep even your fave supplier Kwik Fit can get tyre fitting right most of the time, but clearly not all judging by some of the reviews.
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    M25 junctions banned - including Heathrow T4 exit

    Seems a change in tactics somehow . Complete opposite to the scenes I witnessed every day at a protest site in the recent past when Police used intimidation and violence (all filmed by numerous cameras) in an endeavour to bring an end to the protest. Even this didn't work, and the problem lasted...
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    Kwik fit disaster

    You are very lucky indeed, or your local Kwik Fit has a good selection of mechanics who care about their job (it must happen). Over the years Trading Standards and other bodies have investigated KF Halfords etc and generally found them very wanting, including missing dangerous stuff on MOTs...
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    Blower motor

    The cheap eBay regulators are not worth buying and seem to fail quickly. Buy an original MB one your dealer will be able to identify the precise one you need. When you say you fitted a new fan, do you mean the blower motor and was it an original MB one? Same applies cheap eBay - short or no life...
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    Dear Santa......

    A pair of socks - luxury.
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    Something a bit different

    But he has a C63 and it's similarity is "proven". :rolleyes:. You wonder why someone chooses to spend that kind of dosh on that particular model.
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    Blower motor

    Often it seems to be the blower motor regulator which is at fault when this occurs.
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    Corroded rear subframe

    Ah so the subframe does have drain holes. Someone on here suggested that the frame was totally enclosed so that internal treatment wasn't possible, which I found hard to believe. When dealing with old box section type car components, I've always had them acid dipped which clears out any internal...
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    S212 E500 - The Brown One

    Used to see this car a lot on the Fylde coast and always thought it looked smart. Glad it went to a good home.
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    For 75,000 Quid

    Bit too Americanised for me, but at that price I could live with it! Amazes me how cheap housing can be in the States, compared to the way overpriced shoeboxes people have to buy in the UK.
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    My new AMG! G55 AMG Kompressor

    Disagree. No difference whatsoever. If you can't see to overtake in a lhd car you're driving way too close to the vehicle in front. I've had lhd cars for 40 years and never had a problem in overtaking. In fact I find it easier.
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    Scam or not

    There are so many variations of scams involving buyer can't collect (Disabled/works off shore/too busy etc) and "I'll get my courier to collect" and PayPal (not as described etc). May be genuine, but I'd be wary. Perhaps asking one or two friendly questions about the vehicle the buyer is going...
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    Our ML is no more!

    Friday was a dreadful day on the M6 - just north of the accident you came across there was another more serious one and 2 people were killed. Chaos ensued. I've lost count of the number of accidents causing closure of the M6 in the north in recent weeks. Quite what the problem is for the...
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