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    2009 S204 (Estate) Offside boost (intercooler) pipe relacement

    Hi, Has anyone done this, and can advise on how easy a job it is or has anyone come across any videos online? I am being quoted £400 for MB to change it (which sounds extortionate). Also, is it just an air pipe or does it contain oil, the technician said mine is leaking oil...? I would be...
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    W204 estate roof bars - help!

    Hi I have bought a pair of genuine roof bars but I'm buggered if I can work out how to fit them correctly! They seem too narrow to span the rails without being positioned very close together? Does anyone know how to properly fit/position these, or even better have an electronic copy/scan...
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    W204 Bonnet removal replacement?

    Hi, Has anyone done this, is it a DIY job? I was trying to find a step by step guide or service manual/technical handbook diagram but had not luck :(
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    W204 / W204 Facelift (2012) bonnet compatibility

    Long since gone from eBay - sorry. I have been looking for a pre facelift one in Palladium Silver for over a year, I finally got one the other day but have to pay £340 for it....
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    That tv advert for the Audi R8

    Is there a link?
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    W204 (S204) Estate Boot Toolkit

    Ah ok, then I think have it (minus the triangle). I've certainly got the spacesaver spare (although the seller had removed it when I went to look at the car!)
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    A car for my son

    I believe Admiral also do this. It sounds daft but TPFT isn't always cheaper than fully comp. See here for more tips getting cheaper insurance
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    W204 (S204) Estate Boot Toolkit

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these? I just have an empty foam tray under the carpet. I've trawled eBay and contacted a few breakers but no luck. Can anyone actually tell me what tools should be there? Many thanks.
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    Integrated child seats

    So i've just put our two ISOFIX child seats in the back of our new C Class estate (2009). Only to find out that the space left between the seats is smaller than in my Golf....! This is quite a bummer... Does anyone know if you can retro fit the Integrated MB child seats, does it involve...
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    Private plates - Yes or No?

    I've seen those too on Cheyne Row, one of them is a Bentley if I remember correctly?
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    New Wheels On... Opinions Please

    Not a fan of black wheels myself. Having said that I did have a gunmetal Renault 5 GT Turbo many years ago. It had black wheels for a short time before I returned them to silver...
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    Debadging a 2009 c220

    Ok, i'll give that a go to. Thanks.
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    Debadging a 2009 c220

    Thanks for the advice, this will be a job for the weekend.
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    Private plates - Yes or No?

    KIG 9111, means nothing to me but may be able to flog it to a vain porsche owner in a few years for a few quid?
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    Private plates - Yes or No?

    I've always been a no person myself but my new Merc has a really crappy hard to remember registration so I have found myself tempted by a cheap simpler replacement which would also hide the age. I would avoid any names as I've always found myself thinking people with plates like "Tom 9" or...
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