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    Mercedes SLK R170 fan blower temperamental

    The fan blower in my SLK seems to be very temperamental, it will work for a few seconds then cut out, start working again-usually after going over a bump in the road for example. It usually seems to carry on working for a while until it cuts out again, it’s worse when the car is cold, obviously...
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    Hydrogen Lorry?

    In terms of lorries I think a lot of people who drive them would be more put off that it’s a Mercedes than it running on hydrogen!.
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    New to Forum - Just picked up my 500 SEC

    I’ve had more modern bikes but one of my favourites I’ve owned was a red and black 954, brilliant bikes. Currently got an R1M but it’s tucked away for the winter now!.
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    New to Forum - Just picked up my 500 SEC

    I really like these and the SELs, that’s a great looking car.
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    R170 SLK interior condensation

    The R170 I’ve recently bought seems to have a bad case of water forming in the glass inside while parked overnight, the carpets in the car and the boot seem dry to me. Is this a common issue or anywhere specific to look with these or is it just a case of a knackered door/roof seal on an old...
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    Thinking of buying an old SLK 230K

    Picked up a SLK 200K today, usual bits of rust on front wings and above number plate in boot, few advisories for corrosion on brake lines which is easy enough for me to sort otherwise drives pretty well, no nasty knocks from the suspension, roof works well, heater and AC both fine, it’s a manual...
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    Thinking of buying an old SLK 230K

    I went to look at one earlier and it was a dog so holding off until a decent one comes up, also watching a W208 CLK 430 cab on eBay at the moment, my reasoning being the 230k and 320 are said to be very similar fuel wise and apparently the 430 isn’t that much worse than the 320 so might as well...
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    London Congestion Charge and ULEZ to Recommence

    Given the 3 mayors we’ve had so far I think being a knob is a prerequisite for the role!.
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    London Congestion Charge and ULEZ to Recommence

    Only ever go into London for work occasionally, hate driving there and hate going there unless I have to, go there in my own time of my own free will,and endure the misery of driving there plus pay for the privilege?, no thanks Sadiq, while you may shout from the rooftops that it’s the greatest...
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    ML500 and ULEZ exemption

    What you really want is an old W124 diesel on foreign plates :p . On a serious note, getting an ML63 to be more considerate in regards to air pollution, I like your style. Personally I’m not too bothered about the ULEZ charge being extended to the North and South circulars, absolutely hate...
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    Thinking of buying an old SLK 230K

    I know it’s a more simple engine and wouldn’t be worried about having either of them, never really been that fussed about a V6 though always liked the V8 the best, got one at the moment and still like the rumble-even if it is an oil burner!.
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    Thinking of buying an old SLK 230K

    I’m now torn between an SLK and W208 CLK, just fancy a cheap convertible really, not really fussed if it’s a 230K or 320 V6 they’re both so similar in terms of performance and MPG. Doesn’t need to be a pristine one at all, as going to be more daily hack than pampered. There’s another sub £7k...
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    Thinking of buying an old SLK 230K

    I’m looking for a cheap car just to get to and from work and quite like the idea of one of these, don’t need anything big so am fine with a 2 seater and didn’t mind the 230K engine in a CLK coupe I had years ago. Is there anything particular to look out for on them,apart from rust!.
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    Electric cars and the future..

    Can’t really offer much genuine thought on this, except that if I could afford a Model S P100D I’d buy one in a heartbeat, loved having a drive of one.
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    Bought a new red Bentley today!

    I think he cheaped out on the sack barrow to be honest I was hoping for at least a pump truck when I clicked on the thread!.
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