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    Is it really worth buying Premium brand tyres?

    Well i remember back in the late 50s a good tyre on any car was good to go as long as you dont see any cords showing through .. No tread on racing car tyres ..
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    MOT - unusual advisory

    I never went again after it took them 2 hours to fit a radio cd player in to my Volvo ..And in the end i told the guy to rip it out and refit my old one back in . So they might have got their act to gether by now,, my fiasco was back in 2010
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    Is it really worth buying Premium brand tyres?

    Its up to you guys as to what tyres you use..Me i love top brand tyres and used Avon for years . But the last set i had lasted me 3000 miles if that in 4 years . Side wall was like new because i use silicon dressing on the tyres . But the cracks and splits were in the radius of the...
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    Electrical nightmare

    The cps plays a big part in the starting and running of the engiine . Some fail when warm or even after a few seconds of running. I have never been involved with diesel but i am sure other members will pipe in soon .So keep looking in on your post.
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    Electrical nightmare

    Crank posision sensor as i said before,, its the little thing that sends a message to the ecu.
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    W124 windows not working and wipers dead? Check fuse 2!

    Yes your so right LxB3 the fuse box is the first place to go. In case of a failure with any item thats stoped working on the car .
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    Electrical nightmare

    Bet you have checked all the fuses ? Signal is sent to ECU via crank posision sensor ..Might be breaking down when hot .
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    What is your most surprisingly good cleaning tool

    I have used both of these but to me the Autoglym synthetic leather bets them all heads down. Your talking to a guy thats cleaned cars and caravans. for a major outlet for 20 years before i retired . Ther is a long story about these clothes that Autoglym call their own .But the came...
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    What is your most surprisingly good cleaning tool

    Autoglym synthetic leather . Cost £9.99 from Halford been uesing them for 20 years no leather will match it . Nothing will get the car dry thats on the market, other than a rain blower.Get one,, and if you dont like it i,, will take it off your hands for what you paid for it .
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    C63s aux water pump not working

    Jaan i see you found your answer on the other forum .A bit more complicated as you can see .With such a complicated engine like you have i would take it in to Mercedes and get it checked out .You can play around with this and make more problems for yourself .
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    Love working on the car. Please help

    Can you find out something on this nasty person thats complaining .. as she or he got a cat or a dog,, so you could follow them on their walks and pickture fouling the footpath . Or anything she or he is doing wrong . Or just pull down the garage door and work inside, that way so no one...
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    Exterior car cover

    If the cover is for the summer use you will need a breathable car cover .For winter use it must be a none breathable and fully water proof . I use the Monsoon car cover fully waterproof none breathable for the winter only .But what ever cover you buy you need to cover the car over first with...
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    Mobile Alloy Repairs - West Midlands

    First it might help to tell us your locality roughly .. i know one in Stourbridge buy it might be to far for you Westmids is a big place .
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    E class w212 2012 stuck in park ..column shifter

    I was stuck in park ho what a fantastic night.
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