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    WBAC success

    Said goodbye to my S211 E320 CDI today. Another success for Bad news is that's 10 years of MB ownership come to an end, and I have an Audi A6 coming on Friday.
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    New or used? PCP or personal loan?

    gIzzE I'm convinced your right too. I've bought new or nearly new Mercs for the last 11 years, always paying cash upfront. Then enjoying not having that monthly DD, but secretly ignoring the depreciation. For my current car I thought an old E class, W211 estate in E320 cdi form would be a...
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    W213 SE interior

    I test drove an SE yesterday, also sat in an AMG Line in the showroom. SE seats are very similar to the AMG, thought I was in an AMG not SE at first. Comfortable though, the seats didn't feel too aggressive.
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    PCP Falling Short

    Interesting thread as a lease v PCP. I've considered buying new on PCP few times but never quite got the MB idea of paying £5k deposit each time. Never heard of anyone having that much equity left, leaving you to top up between £3k & £5k for your next car. Personal leasing seems so much...
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    W211 E320 CDI V6 engine fault code

    The parts cost doesn't seem as high as it once was, turbo and actuator refurbished are £250. Time and labour doesn't warrant doing twice. My issue would be it being something in addition or separate to the turbo. Diagnosis seems guesswork at best.
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    Might be leaving the fold

    Test drove a new Audi A6 today, 2.0tdi SE S-Tronic, very enjoyable. As my E320 cdi looks like the turbos going and the diagnosis seems nearly guesswork, I've been looking at later E350 cdi cars. This would need £10-12k to change and this is only to get a 5 year old car. Monthly costs and...
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    W211 E320 CDI V6 engine fault code

    Presume the fix is a new Turbo?
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    W211 E320 CDI V6 engine fault code

    My 2007 E320CDI has covered 118,000 miles so some wear is expected. I've had the car nearly 2 years and a problem of intermittent jerky power delivery has got progressively worse. It clears and works fine for months then for no reason on a warm engine accelerating from 2-3000 rpm the engine...
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    Traction/Stability Control E350 cdi 265

    Some earlier MBs you could switch the key to position 1, press the trip reset 3 times and turn key to start. Display shows option of dyno mode which should you what you're looking for.
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    Recommending The Wheel Specialist Wolverhampton for Wheel Refurbishment in the Mids

    Whilst the service appears top draw, powder coating wheels in 24hrs sounds a bit quick?
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    S211 E320cdi brakes discs

    Thanks Seyi I've ordered from CP4less arriving Monday.
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    DOT11 Tyres

    By DOT 11 you mean they're 5 years old? How long do you envisage before you've used up the winters, more than a couple of years and I wouldn't do it.
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    S211 E320cdi brakes discs

    Ok tried the MB dealer, £363 incl VAT for 4x discs and pads reduced to £345 as max discounted price. Carparts4less are £186 incl VAT delivered less 2x 15% discount for over £100 orders. This is for Brembo discs and pads with fittings and sensors. Still need to remove a front wheel to confirm...
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    Info on leasing a car

    I keep getting tempted as it seems a cost effective way of getting in a new car. The VAT would be subject to business use for a VAT registered company, then you'd have to consider BIK tax. Talk to your accountant! Personal leasing is like other forms of finance where you are responsible for...
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    S211 E320cdi brakes discs

    How do I get main dealer discount, is there a forum code?
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