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    W208 AMG 17” alloys

    Hi I have a set of these, the part nos are A1714011402 7 1/2Jx17 ET37 A2034014602 8 1/2Jx17 ET34 have a look at ebay for pictures, mine are in good order with used legal tyres, no cracks or leaks through rims, they are from CLK sport genuine AMG, sample photo of rims, I have more if interested
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    C63 amg 2013, PPP

    Let us know what they find
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    WANTED! C32 AMG 65mm small supercharger pulley

    Thanks I did look at them but now Brexit may bump up the price!
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    Sensor issue

    I would check live data and other codes before buying new sensor as it could be air fuel mixture, air leaks on intake, exhaust leaks etc see this link for an explanation P0426 Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit Range Performance (Bank 1, Sensor 1)
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    Have a look on you tube for Mercedes key repairs, may be broken solder joint
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    W203 , 2006 C350 SE Coupe Fuse Diagram, heated seats fualt

    Try this link Fuse Box Diagram Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203; 2000-2007)
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    C220 CDI Auto Estate - Parking brake issue.

    What about the cable from parking brake pedal to rear fulcrum is that nice and free? What about the switch on the pedal is that in place properly, here is a link to a diagram of all the linkages W203 C180 Parking brake stuck on I would just start at the pedal and find what is binding etc, It's...
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    Hello I have a w211 starting issue

    Just done a google for w211 eis and this came up Mercedes W211 W219 W209 EIS pin out This is another google for OBD port connections where you could probe for can high and low Mercedes OBD II diagnostic connector pinout diagram @ Here is another link for info on CAN system The...
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    Forget all those slow AMGs

    come on lads, put your hand in your pocket, we only need £8 million for starters:p how many C63's would that buy?
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    C220 CDI Auto Estate - Parking brake issue.

    Hi have you removed the cover under the back seat and lubricated and checked cables are seated properly?
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    Hello I have a w211 starting issue

    Before you go too far buying bits watch this video on you tube it's for a E500 but I believe it's all common wiring or very similar. It's a bit long winded but he does do a good job! It all boiled down to a corroded fuse blade on the fuse that feeds the ECU with 12 volts Fuse F42 inside the...
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    Mercedes CLC Wont remote unlock/lock

    could be the rf receiver or fuse for this circuit. I don't know where it is but probably back window area? so the fuse might be in the boot?
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