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    Your worst test drive ever...

    In 2007 I was torn between a Mazda 3 MPS and Civic Type R and test drove them back to back. The Mazda 3 MPS was in short supply, so to get a test drive you booked with the dealer and Mazda would send a car with a professional driver to the dealer. So I drove the car out of the dealers on a...
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    Keyless ignition

    Oh hadn't thought of that.
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    Keyless ignition

    I've looked at that and I couldn't work a way to start the car, without risk damaging the ignition. However, by removing the button any thief would look at the car and without the button removed would assume it's not a keyless car and walk on to the next victim.
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    Very Light Scratches or Whirl Marks

    I would recommend panel by panel, as if you start to run out of time (or get bored) I've found myself starting to rush and make stupid mistakes.
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    Keyless ignition

    If I'm leaving my car when the keys are nearby, i.e outside my house I just disable the keyless entry with a double tap of the lock button.
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    W205 C200 Engine and Transmission

    I've had both C200 Petrol with 7G and now 9G. Consumption is almost identical, on a nice A/B Road run I get 40mpg maybe 45mpg on ideal days. Similar on the motorway, but if you go over the motorway speed limit the engine develops a drinking habit and it will drop to 35mpg. I track all my...
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    2019 Mercedes C-Class Revealed

    When are you expecting prices on the new C-Clas Line up?
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    C200 Coupe

    I'm on my 2nd C200 Petrol and the 1st with the 9G box. The engine is powerful enough for my needs but can be a little noisy under heavy acceleration. I mainly drive a/b roads on a 30mile commute and will get 40mpg in the summer. On the motorway, you can get up to 45mpg, however, if you drive any...
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    2019 Mercedes C-Class Revealed

    I had a good look round the face life W205 at Geneva. I thought the front bumper lower lip was less aggressive than the pre-face life. The headlights on the AMG Line (like) model appeared to full LED's. All the models I saw had the wider larger tablet screen with digital dash. I really liked it...
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    Mercedes Connect Me

    I don't believe its related to the phone, as the symbol will come up even when I haven't got the phone connected or even in the car.
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    Mercedes Connect Me

    The 'SOS Not Ready' was an issue with my phone that's now sorted. I'm more interested in the symbol of the car at the top of the screen.
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    Mercedes Connect Me

    Picked up my 2nd W205 yesterday. On my older W205 it was setup for 'Connect Me' but it didn't really provide me any benefits. This time I've setup it up for Connect Me again without any problems and I am now considering paying the extra to access the Vehicle Monitoring functions. However...
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    Daimler UK recall - fire risk

    Now one of the lead items on the BBC News this morning. The Autocar article reads that its only a problem when attempting to start the car repeatedly i.e the car fails to start the first time. Just wondering if this would also be affected by start/stop starting of the engine?
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    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015

    Booked a hotel in Guildford for the Sat night, before driving down to Goodwood 1st thing Sunday morning. Hope to get there around 8am. Anyone got suggestions for the best route or Car Park to aim for? Google shows using the A286 via Midhurst, or going A283/A285 via Petworth.
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    Your day in three words.

    Ready for Goodwood
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