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    Something a bit different

    The grill and dash look god awful. Definitely doesn’t look like a car that’s had a fortune spent on it.
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    Recent purchase thread

    For our 20th wedding anniversary I’ve bought the wife a little country retreat. Somewhere for us both to chill out and unwind. Ok I’ve bought her a caravan……
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    E350d Terrible mpg SOLVED

    If you can’t afford to run a car then don’t buy it. Simples. If you constantly worry about mpg then get yourself a little Korean or Japanese box not a luxury German machine.
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    Loss of acceleration and jumping gears

    When was pcs mentioned?
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    Should garages make money on parts?

    Snap. You pay what you feel is fair otherwise you use someone else.
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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Word association game

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    Had an idea but don't know how to take it forward

    If your thinking of kinetic shoe soles it’s been done and no-one took it up.
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    Your day in three words.

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    Roofbars and bicycle mounts for w203 coupe

    The saris Porter 2 bike rack will fit and carries 2 full size bikes very well.
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    C class pan roof blind question.

    Over 2k and it doesn’t shut correctly? Please please please have a word with yourself and ask yourself this question-why would a “premium”brand design a car that has a very nice sunroof blind that doesn’t close all the way and leave a gap? I really hate it when folks get fobbed off by people...
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    Wanted - c63 rear diffuser for w204 facelift

    Have a look about on eBay mate. Some very good replicas on there and surprisingly rather cheap.
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    Need advice regarding possibility of trade in against an old Mercedes

    2500? That all? My sister has just dropped 3500 on a cavapoo. I don’t know where they get these pieces from for what in all intents and purposes is a mongrel.
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    I BOUGHT A C63 BLACK SERIES! My Dream AMG Trio - Shmee

    The title of the actual thread didn’t have the fact it was his video in it at first so was genuinely looking to see if it was one of the regulars off here.
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