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    The annual I've-been-to-France-and-got-done-for-speeding thread

    But the problem if you only have one is that if you are stopped and the policeman requires you to use it (which they could) then assuming the test is negative then you of course will be left with no breathalyser, meaning you can't drive off :doh:
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    e-bay / PayPal Advice/help Please

    Just be aware that if they sent a payment and not a refund they could try and reverse their "payment" at a later date....... I'm not saying it is a scam, but I would push ebay/paypal for an actual refund and refund the "payment" you have received of possible, that way there will be no charges...
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    Best Blackberry?

    The battery life should be good in Germany then ;) BBC News - Apple forced to suspend push email service in Germany
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    W202 Avantgarde Grill Wanted

    I found the grill and a picture of it fitted to my old car. It is a original W210 part that was cut down and supplied for a W202 from the dealer! As per the above it uses the original frame. I have PM'ed ucr as the thread started to offer first refusal, if he isn't interested then I will...
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    W202 Avantgarde Grill Wanted

    I have an insert pre-cut that was fitted to my W202, if your interested then let me know and I will hunt the box out in the garage :)
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    What is this valve called?

    Just be aware that the ball type and the gate type are usually a different length, so if you don't go for a direct swap you may need to alter the pipework to suit :thumb:
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    What is this valve called?

    Its a pump valve as has already been mentioned.......any of these should do the trick Pegler Pump Valve 22mm | Pump Valve Ball 22mm | Ball Pump Valve 22mm x 1½" |
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    Top Gear - Merc CL 600

    I guess its the same part as mentioned in this thread a couple of weeks ago...... not cheap, and not easily available either!
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    Latest attempt at CL 500 repair

    That's pretty standard, when I got mine back in similar circumstances it was running on fumes to the extent that it was miss-firing as the unloaded it...... Lucky for me that time the repair was still shocking and I sent it back (for the third time maybe) and after another argument they agreed...
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    CL500 estimate of repair costs or write-off?

    did they supply you with a hire car? After the first time I rejected mine they stumped up for an equivalent car which i kept until I was "happy" with the repairs, which took a few attempts on their part :(
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    CL500 estimate of repair costs or write-off?

    sounds very similar to my experience, even down to the name of the repairers! Good luck
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    CL500 estimate of repair costs or write-off?

    Had a similar experience a couple of years ago, I had bought an 8 year old Audi Allroad for less than £6k and two weeks later was shunted by a truck in traffic and hit the car in front. Damage was front and rear bumpers, bonnet, grills, rear wings, inner arches, tailgate, rear doors jammed, a...
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    Brake binding and disc warped - cold weather or coinkydink?

    I reckon its likely to be a pad/rust deposit on the disk, a few days of use should clear it off and have your disks back to normal!
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    Vertical Doors

    How high is your garage ceiling?
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    Delivery of Mattress

    If you actually want a delivery service have a look at Courier Services - UK Delivery & Couriers Companies. You list what you want to move with sizes and couriers "bid" for your work, have used it for some more obscure items in the past and worked out quite well :o)
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