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    SLK55 eco not working!

    Mr Clarkson, May & Hammond would be spilling their evening G&T's at the thought of an SLK55 owner worrying about an ECO system :eek:😂
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    Mercedes C230 2006

    Have a look on your V5 for the engine number will start M272, VIN number not related to engine number:(
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    Mercedes C230 2006

    Check this out for info on M272 engines;)
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    w211 not silver or black

    Mot history seems to back up the no expense spared on upkeep statement. ;)
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    CLK320 VED. Audio20. Phone.

    (Emissions of 250CO2) £325;) registered before 23/3/2006 there after £525 :(
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    2015 W246 Auto gearbox issue

    Very complex computer controlled automated manual gearbox, to work properly it relies on multiple sensor inputs. Definitely needs to go on Mercedes Star diagnostics to check it.
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    2015 W246 Auto gearbox issue

    Assuming you have the 7 speed DCT auto & you think that the drive is not dis-engaging properly when stopping? The gearbox should dis-engage the drive completely, Getting it checked out by a dealer or an indy would be my first move;)
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    SL65 anyone?

    Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG 6.0 | eBay Another one less than 10 miles away;)
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    E350 mis-fire

    Star Motor Services in Reading John Griffiths Reading Get a second opinion from an indy with proper Mercedes diagnostic kit Wheels VT website does not mention having Mercedes diagnostics
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    After a bit of advice if poss.

    some of your drivability issues sound typical (characteristics) of a DCT auto not a torque converter auto:(
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Must be aware of potential maintenance costs:)
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    Very low mileage E63 Wagon

    This add appears to be the same car originally up for £29995 now being advertised at £33500 as a private sale, I would guess by the same guy as some of the photos are the same:) Or has this already been said:(
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    SL500 @ Lidl

    Thought this might amuse, almost parked at Lidl (blue badge displayed):)
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    To buy or not to buy??

    Discs could be original:) will not be covered by the MB service plan:( MB service plans are only good value when you add in any extras required (plugs, brake fluid, pollen/air filters & gearbox fluid) which are included:)
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