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    Solar Panels.

    Buildings were redundant farm sheds/stables which the owner got automatic approval to convert to dwellings - local authority could not refuse. On starting the conversion the owner found that there were no foundations and the walls were structurally unsound. He decided to pull the shed down to...
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    Solar Panels.

    As new sites go, reasonable back gardens. But, the cost of ground source heat pumps and the internal space needed for the heat pump rule them out. These are dwellings of about 100sq.m and 90sq.m. As developers, LPG boilers are a cheap option for us as the tanks & pipework are provided FOC by the...
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    Solar Panels.

    Site was bought with planning permission in place - planning gained on appeal. Many onerous conditions. When built we are selling on.
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    Solar Panels.

    On a different scale to your project I'm currently about half way through a pair of single storey dwellings, being built to replace redundant farm buildings in south Norfolk. Timber frame clad with black boarding, pantile roofs. Can barely be seen from the road. Planners have imposed a number of...
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    Solar Panels.

    They do have a "self cleaning" coating but that doesn't stop birds sh1ting on them or a general dust/dirt build up. Mine are at about 25 degrees slope so dirt buildup is worse than at a steeper pitch. I try to get up to hose them down once a year. Ours were registered just before the tariffs...
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    Refurbished wheels

    Seems to make the car look longer & lower - almost sporty!
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    Finally got my C Class!

    Very nice - worth the (obsessive) search :thumb:
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    NC500 roadtrip

    Did it a few years ago following route on NC500 website. Due to personal circumstances at the time we couldn't pre-book hotels recommended by them and had to select out own via with free cancellation up to the last moment. Generally aimed for 100 miles a day but this varied between...
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    Refurbished wheels

    Had the wheels refurbished and collected today. Black with diamond cut. Wasn't sure if it would look a bit "drug dealer" but it has really brought out the diamond cut faces.
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    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    Had paella this evening. Followed The Dairy Book of Home Cookery: New Edition for the Nineties: Sheelagh Donovan, Helen Mott: 8601404263934: Books for general guidance but added my own twist :thumb:
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    Councils reverse road closures

    I have several instances where the local authority (mainly planning department) make accusations & issue threats. When the facts are pointed out to them I have never received any reply or even acknowledgement of my letter/email. Perhaps they are above apologies.............
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    Scotland route 500 sat nav advice

    We did the whole route from Inverness clockwise. Last leg down the east coast less interesting than the rest.
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    Scotland route 500 sat nav advice post 39 onwards. I used it to plan routes for NC500. There were limitations as it asked me to do a u turn at every point I had dragged the google route to suit my requirements. There was also a road across...
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    Tyre going down

    Have got similar problem. One of the rears triggering the tyre pressure monitor every 3 or 4 weeks. Took the wheel off & dunked it. Found a small leak in the tread close to the side wall so not reparable and a leak between the valve stem & the rim. So not just new tyres but a wheel refurb...
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