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    E63 brake pads for £63 including shipping!?

    Ah yes I didn't notice that it said rear! Thanks.
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    E63 brake pads for £63 including shipping!?

    My rears have 5k of remaining wear and I found these brembos mentioned on here in another thread. I assume these fit front or rear as it doesn't specify, but can return if they don't.
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    E53 Coupe or C63 Standard/S/Edition 1

    The new C63 is too small. Saw another one today and it is deeply underwhelming. Zero road presence.
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    Pros and cons of your AMG

    I agree about the parking system. I've owned a s212 in e350 and now e63 since 2012 and it is a dated system. My 645ci had a better system as a 04 plate !? My only other gripe is the lack of AWD. Obviously both problems solved when I move up to a s213, once prices drop below £50k :devil:
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    AMG GT 63 S review on Pistonheads

    Don't like. The e coupe in 63 guise would have been better. We already have a 4 door supercar, it's called the e63s!?
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    C63 AMG 507 winter tyres

    So far I'm not regretting leaving my winters in the garage this year. Down south here there has been no real snow and as I don't use it for work it is usually well over 5c when I do take it out. My coni 5's have worked fine.
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    New Owner w212 E63

    I can get around 30mpg on a run but I struggle to drive mine sensibly most of the time. Life is too short.
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    GLC AMG 43 MPG

    Jeez. That is exactly the same as my m157 5.5, which is a 557bhp engine. So basically the 43 is slower, but as thirsty lol. Oh dear.
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    E63 new tyres needed? - summer tyres or all-season?

    This is why you must use winters in winter, I wouldn't dream of driving my e63 in the snow on summers, it wound be suicide. Last winter I was able to drive uphill in fresh snow, the grip was phenomenal, and also a really fun experience.
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    Advice - Switch from w204 to w205 C63?

    You are posting links to comparisons of the wrong engine...the 205 doesn't have an M157 engine... Also, the old 204 looks extremely dated IMO, the 205 is too small, but a better-looking car. That is pretty much fact, but of course just IMHO.
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    C43 Full lock low speed judder

    wow that is crazy. I'd also be worried about the excessive vibration creating secondary problems, for example in the trim/facia.
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    M157 Pops and Bangs ma

    i'm thinking about keeping mine a bit longer, as the look of the new c63 estate doesn't really improve anything (front is almost identical, and it is too tiny looking), so if i could find a way of getting the exhaust to pop that would be amazing!
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    29mgp from my 5.5!

    Nice. Gotta love a fast wagon. Class.
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    29mgp from my 5.5!

    Got any more pics of your wagon, popup?
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