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    Replacement key

    Mercedes have stopped making the 3 button flip key that I need for my R129. Has anyone got any leads to companies who can supply a fob or re-programme a fob that I got from a breakers?
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    Flip key fobs NLA from Mercedes!

    I'll keep that one in case they don't respond to the first email
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    Mercedes SL R129 late model tweeters, part no. 1298204502 (pair) £15

    I'll have them for a tenner, posted. PM me your paypal please.
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    Flip key fobs NLA from Mercedes!

    I ordered a new infrared 3 button flip keyfob for my R129 from Merc brentford in July, cost £207 and was told it would be 10-14 days from Germany. 3 weeks went past, called up and was told its on back order. Found out last week its NLA! The chap on the parts desk suggested writing a...
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    This Mercedes myth can't be true?! or can it?

    I've heard about the seat frames being titanium - especially as they integrated the seatbelt into the seat (which I believe was a first). Them costing the same as manufacturing a Golf is astounding. I've also read about the development costs of the rollbar. As for the grille blades, I'll...
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    This Mercedes myth can't be true?! or can it?

    I was searchinf for R129 parts on google and came across this photographer's website where he chronicals his 129 ownership. I began reading his page and was hoping if forum members could shed some light on the following from his page: Mercedes SL500 "Grille The front grill slats are...
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    US style indicator lenses

    I found these US style indicator lenses for my R129 - However they are only suitable for pre-1993 cars. Does anyone know of where I can get a pair for my 1999 model? Thank you in advance
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    SL Owners register

    1. Jamesbond007 - 300SL r107 1989 2. JRH30 - SL55 R230 LSD, lowering module, Cats/Res Del, remap/pulley, 19" AMG IVs, EC Heat Exchanger 3. sl55plymouth - SL55 r230, Lsd. 4. Reflex-boy-SL500 R230, roof module,3M carbon wrapped interior wood 5. SL350_swindon - SL350 R230, roof module, 19"...
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    Diff oil recommendations

    Hi want to change the diff oil on my 1999 R129, the parts counter at Brentford quoted me over £40 per litre! Any other options that meet MB spec and are cheaper? Thanks in advance
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    Which period headunit to choose?

    I decided to get rid of the Alpine headunit that came with my 1999 SL. A contact has a few units in stock and I wanted to get your opinions on which is the one to go for. I want one with navigation, I probably won't use it much but its so damn cool on an older car. My options are: Mercedes APS...
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    R129 Detailed at last

    Looks great! I need the weather to improve so I can do mine too
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    Return valve for hydraulic fluid pump

    Going to change the hydraulic fluid for my 1999 R129. I want to bleed the old fluid out by taking off the return line. Can anyone identify which one it is? There were no markings on the pump to indicate direction Thanks in advance
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    Fitting a Becker Headunit

    Thanks for the replies. It's a traffic pro high speed7820 and the car is a late model r129
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    Fitting a Becker Headunit

    I've got my eye on a Becker Traffic Pro - it needs a signal from the speed sensor for the sat nav, where could I get it from my 1999 R129?
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    38 pin reading R129 diagnostics

    Where can I get the tool to read the error codes?
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