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    Picking up a W213 E350D on Monday :-)

    Gets my calendar in to the command screen and prompts to connect me with Teams/ Zoom calls plus navigate me to next meeting. Obviously a work in progress...
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    Picking up a W213 E350D on Monday :-)

    Update... Loving the car! - except the quality of the seats- the bolster is now looking worn already!! :-(
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    Picking up a W213 E350D on Monday :-)

    Sorry, I didn’t know where to post it (have actually been a member for over 10 years but a bit rusty here as not been active for a while)... Obviously the car’s new to the site ;)
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    Picking up a W213 E350D on Monday :-)

    E350d AMG Line Edition Premium Plus 4dr 9G-Tronic. Thanks Olly at PCS for your help, advice and support!
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    Picking up a W213 E350D on Monday :-)

    Options Type Code Description Price Category Qty 0 01U Preinstallation for Navigation service 0.00 A 1 0 02U Office function in the vehicle 0.00 A 1 0 05B Owner's Manual and Service Booklet - English 0.00 A 1 0 08U Preinstallation for Vehicle Set-Up 0.00 A 1...
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    PCS gtg and BENZ ON THE GREEN, May 14th 2016!

    01) Rashman 02) sjmaxwell 03) Andy27168 04) Flango 05) Daveenty 06) st13phil 07) whitenemesis 08) Doodle 09) ginger55k 10) merc85 11). Alfie 12). Richard 13) C43 AMG 14) SL300-24 15) AMGeed 16) Acej 17) Donshl 18) Ringway 19) BillyW124 20) Will 21) DW124 22) C36fan 23) Bryan Allmän 24) MicB+1...
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    w211 break pads

    dealer told me mine needed replacing 3 years ago!! lol must think folks that work hard and end up buying a nice motor like a merc are stupid?!
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    Windscreen replacement, autoglass glass or OEM?

    I've always insisted (and had) OEM glass fitted by autoglass... this is a strength component for the car and besides- if your car was being repaired under insurance cover- you would probably insist on original parts... so same difference i reckon?
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    members near essex suffolk border

    actually went into my calendar and was disappointed to note that its now well past the 1st of July! :wallbash::fail
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    tell me about....barbecues.

    Bought a Weber 310 to replace my old B&Q version... quality seems bulletproof. just warmed it up yesterday to burn off any chemical/ paint odours etc... first real test on Sunday- cooking for 20 :-)
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    Auto gearbox oil change

    I drive down from near colchester to have work done on my cars... 400 mile round trip... but Olly/ Jack/ Graham at PCS are the only guys i trust with my mercs. really nice guys who know their stuff, can't do enough to help and their work's always spot on.
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    Lime green ML, be quick

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    Annoying people when giving you Reg No over the phone!

    :doh:my name is prithvi partap singh sidhu.
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    Benz On The Green 2015 on May the 16th. MBClub and PCS anual GTG

    Olly; keen on finding out about having shweta's w211 tuned; looking for a good balance of torque and economy. my 211 seems so much more effortless and 'light' compared to her's with it's D5 package... Can you point me in the right direction? any chance of having something set up for the GTG? cheers!
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