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    W124 Cold Start ok- Hot start turns over a long time

    Very true but it worked wonders. Sadly, as these cars pass 30 years, replacing worn parts becomes ever more costly. And don't I know it!!! R
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    W124 Cold Start ok- Hot start turns over a long time

    Mine would always start warm but misfire for 30 seconds until up to speed. New injectors and seals cured it. AN expensive (500€) fix but very satisfying. Rayh
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    Another happy Grangemouth customer!

    Let us know who the criminals are so that we can avoid them in the future. My example is 2300€ in Angouleme and 1050€ in Bochum. This for an ignition control module. Bloody disgrace. By the way, Angouleme and Bochum are both in the EU! RayH
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    Car shaking under discs and pads

    NEVER accept the part recommendations from AutoDoc or Euro Car Parts (I don't know them but the same rule applies). ALWAYS get the correct part number from MB and then find compatible alternatives. The only way in my opinion. Good hunting. RayH
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    R129 SL320 - Timing chain cover gasket replacement

    In your shoes, and assuming you're not COVID locked down, I'd take a leisurely drive down to PCS in Horndean and let them do it. Just my 2c worth. RayH
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    Recommendations for Supply/Fit LSD

    Just thinking aloud. My diff whines a little at 80 kph and that's really annoying given that the speed limit on our local roads is 80. Most of my 300CE-24 had been renewed but the diff may benefit from renewal or replacement. I've spent so much already that the cost may be forgotten if it did...
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    Indy servicing in Sussex?

    I second the PCS recommendation . Very honest and decent. And well worth the journey. I drove there from Paris!! RayH
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    Indy servicing in Sussex?

    John Haynes in Worthing? But maybe he's better for older classics. Definitely good though. RayH
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    Realistic expectations

    True. So one needs to judge for oneself, based on the feedback that one feels is both informed and impartial. Not easy, I know. My policy is to pay the premium prices for original parts whenever I cannot perform the replacement myself or when it is a critical, safety-related component. So far...
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    Realistic expectations

    Neither do I. Informed opinion from MB enthusiasts - and others - who maintain their own vehicles is another thing. R
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    Realistic expectations

    No, not qualified but relaying the experiences of many who report on the internet. I probably spend too much time on the internet. Google this yourself and arrive at your own opinion. R
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    Realistic expectations

    I think not. They MAKE little but rebox lots. Sometimes you can get lucky with Febi but I've never tried Meyle. Maybe you mean Mahle? R
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    Realistic expectations

    Couldn't agree more. So unlike those ghastly oiks who bodge in a heap of Febi/Meyle/Uro rubbish and then sell it on. B@st@rds. R
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    MB w124 1986, dies on idle

    I feel that a different, more prudent mechanic is your starting point. If, as I think, he has played with the mixture control (3mm allen key), without knowing what he's doing, he is not the man for the job. Do you see lots of 80s/early 90s Mercedes at his place? And if he's used the mixture...
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    Mercedes Benz 1959 190B gearbox overhaul and spares questions

    My more recent (1991) auto box was overhauled successfully by Manual transmission repairs | Mackie Automatic & Manual Transmissions. They are in Glasgow but the box was shipped to and from them from Portsmouth for a reasonable price. They appear to do auto/manual/industrial and other...
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