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    Dare I buy a Mercedes?

    On the other hand, I have owned cars for nearly 45 years and, without doubt, the w215 CL500 has been the cheapest car I have ever run.
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    Instrument cluster not working??

    I'm not saying you are wrong, because I don't know for sure on more recent cars but, on my 2005 car the mileage was stored within the cluster. I know this because when I had to change the cluster, I gave the new and old clusters to a "chap" and he was able to transfer the mileage from one to the...
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    one question. How do you manage to do this??

    I think it's real...and someone died.
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    Anyone ordered a new car from Germany/Europe recently?

    The member was kotecki...he comes and goes. He was on here for a long long time...glojo.
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    This was discussed on Question Time last night. Some for, most against.
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    Question For Sparkies

    Why not just use the existing ceiling rose, place it inside the attic and then run a new cable from there to a new celing rose. The cable you will use will be the cable you see coming out of the rose to the lamp fitting.
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    He may have problems at home too for his "error of judgement" (known as arrogance elsewhere):
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    Anyone ordered a new car from Germany/Europe recently?

    A member on the otherside imported an E Class estate last year because he couldn't get the spec. he wanted from UK.
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    Anyone ordered a new car from Germany/Europe recently?

    I'm not saying you're wrong...becasue I don't know. But...when people used to import from RoI the VAT paid was not on the whole price including VAT in RoI.
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    Anyone ordered a new car from Germany/Europe recently?

    Remarkably, my first E Class estate, 1 year old that I bought in 1999 was £29,500...used. Prices seemed to have stood still until recently then?
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    W215, CL 500 etc...suspension gaiters

    I have also found that the internal height plunger is available and the rubber top mounts.
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    W215, CL 500 etc...suspension gaiters

    I am having my car MOT'd on 2nd Feb...first time since November 2019!! The gaiters/bellows on three of the struts are damaged and are MOT failures. Having, previously, been advised the gaiters are not available separately I can tell anyone interested that I have been able to source these from...
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    Google Street View

    Don't think this is correct. I was just wandering around old Dusseldorf.
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    Ice preventing frameless windows going down. What do pillorless owners do?

    I used a kettle of very very luke warm water this morning on both sides. The kettle was only the had not been turned on.
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