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    SLK250 CDI DTUK Map

    I also sent mine back for a refund. On the 350 it took several cold starts to clear the error which was a real pain.
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    SLK250 CDI DTUK Map

    This all seems to be a lot of hassle just to get a few more bhp. I had the same issue when I tried a DTUK box in my CLS350 CDI.
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    Handing back a PCP vehicle without MB glass...

    The paperwork will say something along the lines of it being an initial inspection only and being subject to a final appraisal.
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    Brian WH

    Good luck with the Jag Brian! Take care old friend :)
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    C63 AMG Carbon wrapping Interior

    Can you do any model car? And can it be removed easily for resale? I currently have wood trim which I am not keen on.
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    Slk250 cdi

    My brother has one in red on the same deal. Amazing value!
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    Wheel wax recommendation?

    Rather than a wax a sealent would last much longer. Something like this Gtechniq C5 Alloy Wheel Armour | FREE UK DELIVERY
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    How silly a purchase are these?

    I nearly bought one (a ML500) late last year for knocking around in, I actually wish I had as they seem fantastic value for money compared to the diesel. They seem to have a higher spec too as they were an expensive car new.
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    Can anyone recommend GAP insurance on lease car?

    I know you said it is sorted now but GAP Insurance for car, van & motorcycle | Get a quote and buy online | offer cover for lease cars. I've used them several times and the customer service is excellent (I haven't had to claim though). On my current car the undercut the supplying...
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    MY new BMW. Possibly the finest non silver car in the world.

    Looks great! Did you not go for the intelligent lighting pack? One of the best features on the new model :)
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    My RR Sport HSE ownership experience so far

    I really like them, the 2010 model cars are particularly improved and I still really miss mine. Great car for going absolutely anywhere in!
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    190e Cossie on Wheeler Dealers now

    An old episode isn't it? New series starts this week though!
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    A Tenant's View Of The World.

    I guess from the tenants side they perhaps didn't understand why it took 5 day to fix nor fully understood that you were trying you best chasing the part. All they know is they were left freezing for 5 days before you fixed it.
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    My new SLS

    I've yet to see a review of a Ferrari or Lamborghini that commented on the audio system! Still for a GT car like the SLS I'd expect it to be top notch.
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    Got a new Vito

    Very nice Mark! Is that to replace the Passat for work? Any more pictures?
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