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    Wanted 19" AMG styling IV/4

    Hi, I have a set of these staggered, ET31 and 32, refurbed, been stored in my office for sometime, would need to dig them out if any good to you, no tyres fitted since refurb. rgds Ricky
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    I will never buy another Mercedes

    As others have advised here, a very known problem, my wifes 14 plate SLK55 suffered the same fate, my local dealership dealt with it, car was gone for 6 weeks, not ideal, true value of the car under minded by back to metal respray, but MB only spraying metal work now, previously did the whole...
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    19" AMG IV staggered two piece alloys for E55 and others.

    just to update my original post regards these wheels for sale, all four are now refurbished by Eastbourne Mercedes, (not sure who they send them too), have the receipts, wanting £1950 OVNO. I had anticipated posting them on Ebay, but assuming i'd sold them there, would leave me paying out £200...
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    19" AMG IV staggered two piece alloys for E55 and others.

    Just going to offer these wheels here, before they go on Ebay at end of the week. Fronts 8.5J ET30 Part no. 2114001212 Rears 9.5J ET31 Part no. 2114001402 Made in Germany. These wheels came off my 06 W211 E55, probably 3 or 4 years back, and been in store from then on. I belive there are...
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    Silver E55.

    Those seats look great Alex, out of interest, what was the weight saving you gained over swapping out these seats, once the OEM seats and control motors were removed..? and given the weight saving already made on all the other mod's you have, wondering what weight your car will be on its final...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on W205 C63

    :( and you think that warrants the contents of post 23, ..? do you? "broken rules" such an opinion by either side, disagreement is one thing, abuse is another. Everyone has an opinion, but I thought that posts comments, for myself were uncalled for. it's not about cars, it's the contents of...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on W205 C63

    Wowww...... what was post 23 about, toys out of the pram..? not quite sure that outburst was required, but suppose that what forums are, people with views, ignite people with fuses, deary me, and it seems all a disagreement all over tyre traction...:) sure we will all be friends again , till...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on W205 C63

    For my pennies worth, I have run the PS4S on my M113k 55 from the early days of its initial appearance, albeit my car is rarely used that much on public roads these days, I take it to the track, it is definitely the best tyre to date I have had for this purpose, but I would add I am very much a...
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    athletics Poland today

    Not to sure who of the petrol heads here watch athletics, but did anyone see the last event of the Polish athletics event today where the UK team where basically disqualified due to their team sheet listing a discus thrower for one leg of the A team 4x 400m relay, deary me! what a blunder:(...
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    82mm throttle body

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone here has a working OEM 82mm throttle body, part no. 273 141 03 25, they would be prepared to lend me so as I can test my existing TB currently fitted, (have a code being thrown, all a well posted issue with this fitment), wanting to see if my currently fitted...
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    Paintwork grrrr!

    My wifes 14 plate Fire opal red SLK, went through this process, I recall me kicking off to the service manager about a 6 month wait to deal with the problem, further talks to same service manager and MB UK, ended up waiting 3 months, car was gone for 5 weeks. During the ongoing discussions with...
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    Cls63 5.5tt remap or not?

    would,nt we all, Lol, buy a M113K engined car then, such a solid engine, but perhaps not as powerful as the modded BiTurbo cars, but definitely more a consolidated engine design, cars, , so many sleepless nights;(
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    W211 E55

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    Ginger ultra low milage E55

    There u go, been here for absolute ages, and did not know that, thought 'admin' had fouled up, my apologies to all and my thx for heads up AMgeed. Sure Ginger will sell his car. Rgds R
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    Potholes - the road to the future.

    The pothole obsession is one of my life's bug bears, I simple cannot believe that all the monies that are levered out of motorist in one form or another are directed to road worthiness and repairs, the roads in the Wealden area of Sussex, are, and do not doubt this, in area's like third world...
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