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    Recall or service issue

    Mine is booked in for Friday. Dealer collecting and delivering so not too concerned as to how long it will take.
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    Recall or service issue

    Just to update this thread. I have just received a letter from MB UK: "URGENT - SAFETY RECALL" - REPLACE CHARGE AIR HOSE Mine is a C Class Coupe 250 CDI purchased new in August 2011. The re-call is do with the charge air hose which could have cracks appear and may lead to the engine switching...
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    Do they all rattle?

    Not one rattle from my Coupe after nearly 11 months and 13,500 miles. :)
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Today on M1 - 4 Rolls Royces together looked like all had the plates starting with R and ending with LLS. They were shifting - managed to see R22LLS and R88LLS then all 4 turned off at Junction 11 towards Luton / Dunstable. Steve B.
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    New C-Coupe owner

    Hello and Welcome to another Cavansite Blue Coupe owner!! Enjoy Steve B.
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    Went to pick up my car today

    Agree on the keeping clean! Mine is the Alpaca Grey Leather and needs wiping over now and again. Enjoy the car!
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    C Class Coupe Factory Collection

    I believe the C Class Coupe is manufactured at the Bremen plant.
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    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    I do like the black finished grill instead of grey/silver - makes the horizontal chrome stand out more. Cheaper to spray my own one black no doubt!!!
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    Well its a C Class Coupe for me!

    Good choice. My average MPG after 7K miles as per the computer is over 50 mpg - mainly work and 80% of that on motorway through 50mph roadworks. Good fun on the back roads with the sport button and paddles. Enjoy!
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    Loving the snow.

    Forgot to mention that the snow depth on the motorway was about 7 cm . Picture taken via phone (my car was at a very slow speed at time due to car in front looking a bit wobbly!!)
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    Loving the snow.

    Had the winter wheels and tyres on from the Merc deal for 2,000 miles now. Driving home from Watford 1:00am this morning and the car performed perfectly on the Dunlops. :)
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    New Merc 250CDI coming

    Welcome, Good choice of car!! There are a number of new coupe owners already on this forum. Enjoy! :)
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    C250 CDI Coupe Edition 125 - impressions after 9 weeks

    Hi Blessed Badger, Welcome to the forum. Agree with all your comments - the seat could definately do with going a bit lower - its a little bit worse in mine due to the Pano roof. But enjoy!! Steve B.
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    Driving in Europe - experience share

    That reminds me of another ruse that the French use when you are 3 to 4 miles from the last toll booth on the way to Calais. The Gendarmerie are in the on the side of the autoroute (sometimes partially hidden) with the speed gun pointing and a pair of binoculars. You pass by knowing that you...
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    Driving in Europe - experience share

    With regard to low emission zones, it is regulated but not widely enforced BUT this is supposed to change in Januanry 2012 see link below: Germany Pledges to Strictly Enforce Vehicle Emissions Standards Steve B.
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